What is a Freelance Copywriter? How to become a Freelance Copywriter? Best 6 Easy Steps 2023

Do you like to enjoy creative writing? Now, if I tell you that you can earn money from it, how will you feel? Strange, right?

Let me tell you that, there’s a high potential to earn money online by doing copywriting. Yes! Now a days, people are making $3000-$5000/month by using their creative mind and writing articles. This is commonly known as Freelance Copywriting and the writer is known as Freelance Copywriter.

If you also want to kickstart you freelance copywrite journey, then you are at the right place my friend. Here you will get the complete and end-to-end guide about freelance copywriting.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started on What is a Freelance Copywriter? How to become a Freelance Copywriter-

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What is a Freelance Copywriting?

Setup of a freelance copywriter
Image – 1.1: Setup of a freelance copywriter

In simple language, copywriting is a piece of text which triggers to a person to do a specific action. Some of its basic examples are- blogs, articles, ads, scripts etc.

As the time is going on, new businesses, companies, startups are growing. They need copywriters to manage their social media captions, ads, magazines etc.

These create a chance for the freshers to get a job as a freelance copywriter and earn money online.

Since most of the companies don’t want to hire a full time copywriter, so it’s a great opportunity for freelancers to get a job at this field to multiple clients to maximize their earnings.

A freelance copywriter has no boss over him or her. They are independent and have flexible schedules to work.

What does a Freelance Copywriter do?

A freelance copywriter is writing emails for clients
Image – 1.2: A freelance copywriter is writing emails for clients

Freelancer copywriters are their own boss and they work under themselves. They have to receive orders from the clients and complete that within the deadline.

Some general tasks done by a freelance copywriters are given below-

  • Doing market research.
  • Writing emails for clients.
  • Writing promotion scripts.
  • Writing a blogpost for upcoming products.
  • Writing an ads description.

It may sound fascinating and interesting to do all these tasks. But, no, not at all. Sometimes, doing all these tasks may be a little daunting for you if your client gives you less time to do all these works.

All you need is to be patience, concentration, dedication, and consistency. If you have all of these, this job is suitable and perfect fit for you.

Different Types of Copywriting:

A freelance copywriter is observing client's website to write content for it
Image – 1.3: A freelance copywriter is observing client’s website to write content for it

You may get shocked that, you read a thousands of copies everyday. How? Well, the article you are reading now is an example of copywriting.

If you are reading a caption of a Instagram post, that’s a copy. Are you reading a product description on Amazon or Flipkart? That’s also a piece of copywriting.

From a Twitter post to online magazine, everything are pieces of copies and they are written by a copywriter.

It is important to remember that, a copywriting is not an easy task at all. It needs an analytical mind to do proper research and a creative mind to write copies.

Some best ideas of copywriting which will help you to make money online surely are –

  • Website copywriting
  • Blog copywriting
  • Direct response copywritng
  • SEO copywriting
  • Video script copywriting
  • Email copywriting
  • Ads copywriting.

How to become a Freelance Copywriter? End-to-End Guide

Roadmap and goal to start freelance copywriting
Image – 1.4: Roadmap and goal to start freelance copywriting

Do you want to become a freelance copywriter? Prepare yourself for a struggle. But, after all the struggles, you will be able to make your bank.

SO, without wasting much more time, let’s get discussed on the path to be a successful freelance copywriter.

1. Choose your Niche Correctly:

Choosing the niche properly is very important in case of freelance copywriting. You, on your own have to discover the topic, field on which you have much interest.

This will not only help you to grow in future but also to make much interest while doing copywriting.

For instance, if you have interest on sports, you can write on that niche. If you have enough knowledge on health, start doing copywriting on that.

2. Build you own Website:

A freelance copywriter is designing his own website
Image – 1.5: A freelance copywriter is designing his own website

Having an own website will help you greatly to store and showcase your works. Also, your clients can visit that website to see your works and verify your writing quality. 

The best part of it that, if you don’t have coding skills, then also you can make your own website with the help of WordPress or Blogger. The investment is needed only for the domain and hosting. That’s it!

After creating your own website, don’t forget to make it SEO friendly. SEO will help people to find your website on the internet easily.

3. Increase you Skills and Knowledges:

It’s important to have a knowledge on the topic, right? Same goes for the freelance copywriting also. Simply you can increase your knowledge and widen your network by getting in touch with several people. 

There’s a lot of platforms along with the social media platforms which will help you to connect with professional people. 

In this case the Facebook groups and LinkedIn may be the best option for you. Also, who knows you may find your first client here!

4. Do Promote Yourself:

A freelance copywriter is selecting social medias to promote herself
Image – 1.6: A freelance copywriter is selecting social medias to promote herself

You have done all you need to do, you have done the basics. Now what? Now, it’s time to tell everybody about your skills and the services you offer.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to approach to anybody physically. All you need to do is, join social media platforms, upload your sample works consistently and engage with the audiences.

Also, don’t forget to join relevant community and groups. Now a days, the social media marketing is essential for almost every job, business and companies.

Social medias will not only help you to become popular but also to get more and more clients. Whenever you upload a content on the social medias, make sure to attach one of your work sample’s link.

5. Study Others:

It is one of the most effective ways to gain proper knowledge. Nothing can help you to learn better other than studying other’s works.

Studying and learning from other professional’s works will help you to get a clear cut idea about copywriting. It will show you practically that, how a copywrite is written actually.

Not only that, but also it will teach you which types of sentences to use for which topics. While learning other’s works, try to catch and understand the pattern and style.   

6. Fulfil Audience’s Demands:

A freelance copywriter is noting down all audience demand topics
Image – 1.7: A freelance copywriter is noting down all audience demand topics

Wanna reach to more people and more clients? Start practising writing copies which attract your audiences and clients. 

For this, you need to have a good knowledge of market trends and do proper market research. By writing on public demand topics, you can communicate with them indirectly and your chance to get hired by a client gets increased. 

Critical Skills Needed for a Freelance Copywriter:

A copywriter does not write always. They have to handle a lot of other tasks also. So here are some skills that you need to be a successful freelance copywriter from all sides.

1. The Time Management:-

Having a good time management skills is essential for a freelance copywriter. Also doing this is a little bit trickier than the other jobs. 

Since, as a freelance copywriter, you have to handle multiple clients, submit their tasks before the deadline, so you have to be an expert at the time management skills. 

For this, you can use to-do lists, calendars and alarms. 

Also, there are many project management software available. You can use them otherwise you can also go with the great technique called the ‘Pomodoro technique’. 

Having a good time management skills will not only help you to work efficiently but also to extract spare times for other activities also. Time management also teaches you the work-life balance.

2. Some Writing Skills:-

A freelance copywriter is busy in writing copies
Image – 1.8: A freelance copywriter is busy in writing copies

Also, having a great skills on these topics will help you to increase the quality of your copywriting. So let’s get discussed-

i. How to Write a Headline?: Headlines are like catchers. These attract the people to land on your writing and read them.

Also, headlines give the reader a brief idea about the content topic. Having a catchy, specific, and well structured headline will help you to bring more and more customers on the client’s products.

ii. How to Structure a Sentence?: Always try to keep your sentences simple and specific. Don’t make it complex by using much more rich and difficult words. 

Try to make the sentences to the point and short. It helps the reader to digest your copywriting easily. 

As the main priority of a copywriter is creative writing, he or she has to focus more on it. There are some skills for creative writing which a freelance copywriter must own. These are always in demand. 

An expert copywriter has the ability to explain complex and difficult terms in simple language.

iii. How to Write Landing Pages?: Landing page means the very first page of a website. The landing page gives a clear cut and specific idea about the website’s topics. 

The contents of your website are reflected by the landing page. So, make sure to keep your landing page user friendly and to the point. 

You can also add the client’s most used products or most viewed posts on the landing page to attract readers.

iv. The Writing Tone: Freelancing copywriters must have a good writing tone. Your audiences should feel an emotional connection between them and your writing.   

Try to hold the reader on your writing by the power of your writing tone. 

For instance:- if there are any sale in your client’s company, then write copies in an exciting, cherished and joyful manner.

3. Do Proper Research:-

Two freelance copywriters are doing proper research before writing
Image – 1.9: Two freelance copywriters are doing proper research before writing

Doing proper research is very very important for freelance copywriters. You will get some exclusive ideas about your competitors, audience demands, market trends and suitable resources with the help of proper research.

i. Research about your Competitors:

Just like you, there are thousands of freelancers who are doing the same task as you, right? And it’s obvious. 

So, to beat them, you have to learn from them and be better than them. This is possible only when you do research properly.

ii. Research on the Audiences:- Keeping track of your audience’s demands is one of the key ways to success for freelance copywriters. As we talked earlier, delivering the public demand copywriting will keep you engaged with them. 

As a result, you will successfully increase your audience base and client base. Study your audience’s behaviors, their wants and deliver them what they want.

iii. Ongoing Market Trend:Don’t forget to do the market research if you want to be successful in the field of freelance copywriting. 

Remember, where there is the trend, there is the audience. You can use tools or software like Ahref, and Semrush to do this research. 

iv. Selecting Resources and References:- If you want to write copies with proper, valuable, and correct information, then you will need to study them and take references, right?

Well, in this case, the articles or posts that are already available on the internet will help you the most. But choosing these references is not an easy task at all.

Who knows that the information on the articles are true? So, you need to pick up articles or posts from genuine sources in order to study them as a reference.

Also, this method will help you greatly if you are going to do copywriting on such a topic about which you have no ideas.

4. Video Script Copywriting:-

A freelance copywriter is getting ready to start writing video copies script
Image – 1.10: A freelance copywriter is getting ready to start writing video copies script

Now a days, YouTube videos and Instagram reels are on trending. Companies and businesses spend much more effort on these to increase their sales. 

But who writes the lines that you hear on video or reels? Yes, copywriters. The video script copywriting is a multi-million-dollar business with low competition. 

Also, there’s a high opportunity in it. Every single minute, almost 2,500 new videos are uploaded on an average on YouTube. 

So, now you have got an idea that how much earning potential it has. 

5. The Creativity:-

In the era of modern technology, there are a lot of AI tools available for copywriting. But still, creativity can’t be replaced by them. 

That means, a creative copywriting or content will always get preference. Do you know that a little touch of creativity will make your copywriting amazing and take it to the next level?

Let’s suppose, you are hired by a software selling company called ‘company X’. Now, if you write a creative copy about their latest software, then you can drive millions of traffic to the company’s website and social media pages. 

As a result, you will be able to increase your company’s sales successfully.   

6. The Email Marketing:-

A freelance copywriter is researching the customer's website to write him emails
Image – 1.11: A freelance copywriter is researching the customer’s website to write him emails

Currently the email marketing is very popular and preferred because of personalization. Yes, in case of email marketing, you send personalized emails to people.

Thus, people can relate themselves with your emails. So, the chance of getting sales increases also.

Now, it is on a high demand and very few people are specializing themselves into this. Doing email marketing is not a difficult task as you have to simply study the customer’s profile or website, identify the faults and send them emails with solutions.

How Much does A Freelance Copywriter Earn?

According to a study of July, 2023, almost 50% of the freelance copywriters earn almost $56,000/year and 90% of the freelance copywriters earn almost $70,000/year.

As a fresher, you can’t expect a big earning. As you go long in this field, you will gain more experience and skills and so, you can then increase your rates. 

Thus you understand that your earnings will depend upon your skills and experiences. Also, your earnings may vary upon the number of clients you handle. 

Simply, if you handle 5 clients, you can earn more and if you handle 2 clients, you will earn less.

How to Set Pricing as a Freelance Copywriter?

As you are a freelancer, so you are a business holder, remember. In a business, always keep an eye at the supply-demand and the value. 

Didn’t understand? Don’t worry, let’s get discussed in details-

1. The Supply-Demand:-

A freelance copywriter is researching the supply-demand graph of a freelance copywriting
Image – 1.12: A freelance copywriter is researching the supply-demand graph of a freelance copywriting

Let’s suppose, you have the capability of handling 3 clients, and writing copies for them. But what if, there are 10 clients on queue to offer you work?

Then, which 3 to choose among the 10 clients? Choose the 3 clients who offer you the best prices. Simple!

In this case, you can also negotiate with the clients and increase your rate as much as you want. This is the fundamental mechanism of supply-demand.

The more the demand gets increased than the supply, the more you should increase your rates. Similarly, when the demand is high but the competition is also high, then reduce your pricing.

2. Your Value:-

Don’t forget about your value, e.g., skills, experiences and knowledge etc. Generally, as a fresher, you don’t have much more skills and experiences. 

So, you should keep your prices low. As you grow more, acquire more skills, experiences and knowledges, then you need to keep your prices increasing. 

Remember, always consider your values before setting the prices. 

Freelance Copywriter Range:

freelance copywriter
Image – 1.13 : Freelancers rate in 2023 [Image source: The Copywriter Club]

Which Types of Content does a Freelance Copywriter Create?

There are no fixed or structured topics for freelance copywriters to write. They are trained for the whole digital world.

For example- if you see a freelance copywriter to write a copy regarding a Facebook post, someday, you may see the same freelance coptywriter to write a YouTube ads description also.

Yes, that’s the workstye of a freelance copywriter. They have to keep a general knowledge of a variety of fields in their niches.

To give you a general idea, have a look at the examples of contents that a typical freelance copywriter makes-

1. The Email Marketing:-

As we discussed earlier, the email marketing is a very useful tool currently. It has the personalized messaging feature. 

So, freelance copywriters are often asked to run an email marketing campaign or to write copies for sending emails. 

2. The Social Media Marketing:-

A freelance copywriter is going to post contents on social medias
Image – 1.14: A freelance copywriter is going to post contents on social medias

Now a days, the social media platforms have a daily audiences of almost 4.6 billion. That’s huge!

And that’s why, companies and businesses pay a great attention to sell and promote their products on the social media platforms.

Now here comes the role of freelance copywriters. They write the caption of social media posts, product description and preset it properly.

3. The Blogs:-

Most of the companies now a days have their own websites. In the website, the companies showcase and sell their products. 

But the question arises how and who writes all the descriptions for the websites? Again freelance copywriters. 

But they do not only write the products descriptions but also make them SEO friendly to increase the rank of the website. 

Generally, the range of the words of the blogs depends upon the products. Also, those blogs are written in a little bit exciting and engaging manner so that it trigger the readers to buy those products.

4. Web Copy Designing:-

A freelance copywriter is writing copies for website
Image – 1.15: A freelance copywriter is writing copies for website

Hey, hey, don’t worry, it’s not related to website designing. Web copy designing involves some important content or copies writing for the website. 

 For example- to write About Us, Contact Us, Home page these fall in the category of web copy designing. 

Since, currently most of the companies pay a great attention to their website, that’s why it is obvious, that the web copy designing is also a high demand freelance copywriting job.

Freelance Copywriters have the Business Responsibility

It is quite true that freelancers are one type of business owner. Just like a business, you also have to struggle a lot at the beginning to get clients. 

But once you establish yourself as a freelance copywriter, your life will be less stressful. At that time, you will write less copies and more money!

People will start to hire you for your analytical mind and your magical hand. But at the beginning, remember to attract clients, promote yourself as a freelancer copywriter or a magic hand writer. 

Can You do Freelance Copywriting?

A freelance copywriter is setting goals for himself
Image – 1.16: A freelance copywriter is setting goals for himself

Wanna start your carrier as a freelance copywriter? What if I tell you that you can easily earn lots of money from this?

That’s totally possible. But let’s discuss all the important factors related to this-

i. If you Love to Learn More: Do you like to learn different different things on different differet days? If yes, then the freelancing copywriting will be a great choice for you.

In case of freelancing copywriting, you get fresh new contents to write everytime. Thus you can enhance your skills along with getting knowledge of new things consistently.

ii. If you have a Good Hand: Do you love writing and write creatively? Use it to earn money online by doing freelancing copywriting. 

Nothing can be better option for you to select the freelancing copywriting than other jobs.

iii. Be your Own Boss: Although no job is perfect, they come up with their own pros and cons but one of the most popular feature of freelancing is that, you are your own boss.

You work independently and you have nobody to follow! There’s nobody to order you. Fantastic, right? If you also want to work independently, freely, then you can go with the freelancing copywriting.

Where can youget Jobs as a Freelance Copywriter?

As a freelancer, you must need to promote yourself at first. Also, you need to pay great attentio in promoting where there is a good client base, like- popular social media platforms, other websites etc. 

So, have a look at the following discussion in order to get more information-

1. Social Medias:-

A freelance copywriter is searching for clients on social medias
Image – 1.17: A freelance copywriter is searching for clients on social medias

Now a days, Facebook, Instagram, YotuTube, LinkedIn are one of the most popular platforms for businesses [freelancing].

i. Facebook: In case of Facebook, you can join relevant groups and communities to find your clients. Also, you can search manually by using the ‘#’ symbol.

ii. LinkedIn: For businesses, internships and freelancing, LinkedIn is a great choice. You can find a number of clients there in no time. 

It’s a straight forward and suitable platform for B2C clients. Just like the Facebook groups, also here you can join groups and approach individual or companies. 

Not only that, but also you have to upload posts related freelancing copywriting consistently. It will help you to reach more people.

The same method is applicable for also YouTube and Instagram.

2. Freelancing Platforms:-

For beginners, Upwork and Freelancer.com can be best for freelancing copywriting. Here, clients post jobs and freelancers bid for the task. 

So, the chance for getting hired by a client is more here. But remember, the beginning struggle is a little bit difficult for you. But, consistency and dedication will bring success for sure. 


So, to sum it all up, being a freelance copywriter is like being a super cool writer who makes words and trigger the people to buy things or learn about exciting stuff. You can write on websites, social media, and even in emails.

It’s a bit like telling a fun story that makes everyone want to know more. In this job, you can make your own rules, work when you want, and earn money by writing awesome words.

Just remember, practice your writing, be creative, and always try your best. Who knows, you might become the coolest wordsmith around!

That’s it for today guys, hope you find this article informative. Let me know in the comment section that out of the skills, which one do you think to be most importrant?


What is Freelance Copywriting?

Freelance copywriting involves creating persuasive and engaging written content to promote products, services, or ideas. Copywriters write anything from ads to articles that drive specific actions from the audience.

How does a Freelance Copywriter work?

Freelance copywriters work independently, taking on projects from various clients. They write compelling copy based on the client’s needs, often meeting deadlines and catering to specific audiences.

What types of Copywriting are there?

There are various types of copywriting, including website copy, blog posts, social media captions, email marketing, ads, video scripts, and more. Each type has its unique style and purpose.

How do I become a Freelance Copywriter?

To become a freelance copywriter, you need to develop strong writing skills, choose a niche, build a portfolio, promote yourself online, and start pitching your services to potential clients.

Why is choosing a niche important in Copywriting?

Choosing a niche helps you specialize in a specific area, allowing you to become an expert in that field. This expertise makes you more appealing to clients looking for writers with knowledge in their industry.

Do I need a website to start Freelance Copywriting?

Having a website is beneficial as it serves as an online portfolio showcasing your work to potential clients. It also helps you establish your online presence and build credibility.

How can I improve my Copywriting skills?

You can improve your copywriting skills by reading widely, studying successful copy, practicing regularly, seeking feedback, and continuously learning about industry trends.

Where can I find Freelance Copywriting jobs?

You can find freelance copywriting jobs on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and through networking on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook groups.

How much can I earn as a Freelance Copywriter?

Earnings vary based on factors like experience, skills, niche, and the number of clients. On average, freelance copywriters can earn between $50,000 to $70,000 or more annually.

How do I set my Freelance Copywriting rates?

Set your rates based on the demand for your skills, your experience, the complexity of the project, and the value you provide. Be competitive while valuing your expertise.

Is creativity essential for Copywriting?

Yes, creativity is crucial in copywriting. A creative approach helps your copy stand out, engage the audience, and deliver messages effectively.

What are the essential skills for a Freelance Copywriter?

Essential skills for a freelance copywriter include strong writing and editing skills, research abilities, understanding of target audiences, time management, and adaptability.

Do I need to be a subject-matter expert in my niche?

While being an expert can be advantageous, it’s not always necessary. You can learn and research extensively to write effectively in various niches.

How can I ensure I meet client expectations as a Freelance Copywriter?

Clear communication with clients is key. Ensure you understand their needs, ask clarifying questions, and provide regular updates throughout the project.

What types of tools can aid in Freelance Copywriting?

Tools like grammar checkers, plagiarism detectors, keyword research tools, and project management software can help streamline your copywriting process.

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