Top 6 Jobs for Online Earning for Students in 2023

Since the rapid growth in technology, the scope of earning money online for students has now become much more easier than before. Here and there we have now a lot of ways to earn money online. But it is possible for you only if you get proper the guidance. Students study in order to get a good job. But in present days, trying to earn money online by a part time job won’t affect their studies and won’t waste their times.

Entering into the online earning job world will not only increase your earning potential but also connect you with the global market. Also you get the benefits of learning new skills, exploring the foreign client business system, improving communication skills and many more.

The internet is like a coin. It has its own pros and cons. Now it’s totally up to you whether you use the internet to scroll the reels or to use it for your profit. The online earning market in the world is growing very fast. Students get involved there and find a massive opportunities to earn money. Now there may be a question in your mind that what are the top 6 ways for students to earn money online in 2023?’

So, MoneyMaveric is presenting you the ultimate guide to earn money in 2023 for students. Let’s get started –

Pros and Cons of earning money online

Image – 1.2: Setting strategies for online earning

The online money earning field is like a two edged sword. Just like its benefits, there are also some problems which you may face while entering into the world of online money earning. Let’s discuss all of them step by step.

The Pros

At first, let discuss about some advantages of the pros of earning money online. Follow the points properly and not to miss any one of them.

  • Flexibility: The online money earning field provides you the full flexibility. You can do your task whenever you want to do those. You become your own boss. There are no fear of doing overtime or being late in office.
  • Limitless opportunities: One amazing benefit of earning money online is that you have unlimited niches where you can earn money as much as you want. Also there are many online jobs where you invest your time once and you can get passive income for lifetime.
  • Zero investment: In case of business, jobs you need a lot of investments. But the good thing is that you don’t need to spend a single cents except the internet connection to start earning online.
  • No qualification: Yes! You heard it right. You don’t need any higher level of qualifications or degrees to start earning money on the online platforms. All the things here matter are your skillset and expertise.
  • Efficiency: To earn money online you don’t need to travel, get ready, attend meeting etc. It saves your lot more times and help you to focus more on your task.
  • Low barrier: If you want to enter the online earning money sites, you don’t need to crack a high level of exams, interviews and anything like that. You can simply go there and register with your basic information and start earning money.

The Cons

Now it’s the time to discuss their cons. Although there are not a large number of cons, but they are not ignorable. Check those out-

  • The Scammers: In many online earning platforms there may be some face accounts. They may give you task to do but flew away without paying you for the task after you finish the task. So, make sure to be aware of them and verify them on internet.
  • Partial Isolation: One more disadvantage of earning money online is that it makes you partially isolated. As you have to work on your pc or mobile for a long time, it may disconnect you from the outside society. To get solution, you can start online money earning with you friends or co-worker.

Top 6 Online Jobs for Students

So presenting you the 6 ultimate ways to earn money online which will be a good option for the students to start their journey in this field. Have a look at all the major options below-

1. Pick up the Online Transcription Job

Image – 1.3: A transcriptionist is transcribing by writing it down

The online transcription job can be a good option for you to start the online money earning. It is not so difficult or complicated. All you need to do is to transcribe the audio or video file given by your clients.

Transcription means, you have to simply type down what you are listening on the audio or video. These may be a conversation, may be a song or may be a news bulletin etc. Generally, companies need transcriber for dealing with their foreign clients.

For most of the cases clients demand English writing transcriber. But if you have a good capture on other languages like- Spanish, French, and anything like these, you can do transcription on those languages too. You can also transcribe for youtubers. Many youtubers are seeking transcriber for their YouTube videos.

As an transcriber, you have to receive audio and video files form your clients, simple write it down and finally submit it to your client before the given deadline. For these, you need a good typing skills, a good English knowledge along with a good time management skill. This job is suitable for students as this may teach you new skills for your future.

  • Earning potentials: In US you have the scope to earn between$10-$12/month as a fresher. And while working with a foreign client, you can earn up to $20-$30/month.
  • Skills: Typing skills, English knowledge and attention to details.
  • Where can you find?: Upwork, GoTranscript, Scribie

2. The Domain Trading

Image – 1.4: Research is going on to find domain names

The domain trading business is one of the low effort online money earning job currently. This is a brilliant way to generate passive earning for students as it does not require a great effort to do the domain trading. Domain names are nothing but website names. Such as-, are some examples of domain names. There are a lot of varieties of domain names like- .com, .in, .co, .org etc.

The domain trading business model is as simple as a pie. You have to buy a domain name from a platform [GoDaddy, Bluehost] and to sell it on other platforms after a certain periods of time. Domain trading is a highly profitable business now a days. As the technology is growing, everything is shifting towards online and so the domain trading business also.

You can compare this with a gold, real estate or stocks business. Just like you buy a stock at a low price and sell it later when its price is high and get a good profit margin. Another feature of the domain trading business is that, you are not bounded only into a country. You can do your domain trading business at an international level.

3. Do Social Media Management

Image – 1.5: Handling Facebook account on laptops as well as Instagram on mobile

The social media, now a days, has become a large part of the internet and a crucial part of the business, companies and startups. Around 4.74B people use social media everyday. Many companies, startups now rely on the internet. So they have to grow online and reach people as much as possible.

Let’s suppose, company ABC has a product and they want to spread that product throughout the world. How can they do that? The answer is social media. Social media has made it easy for them. In a company, the CEO, employees do not handle the company’s social media account, right? Those companies hire a social media manager for handling their companies’ social media accounts.

Not only a company or startup are in a need of a social media manager, but also YouTubers, Instagram content creators, tv celebs need a social media manager.

To learn social media managing, you can either get enrolled in a course/degree or you can complete an online degree. There are several online platform [YouTube, Google etc.] where you can learn and get knowledge about the social media managing. After getting practiced with all the skills, you can join internships programs and gain the real world knowledge and skills.

After all of these, now you are fully ready to go online and start earning money from online.

As a social media manager, you have to set strategies, upload relevant contents, reach out more and more people, engage with them, do marketing, analyze the data, sale products or services and many more.

  • Earning potentials: $1200-$5000 LPA
  • Skills: Social media marketing, analyzing, strategy implementing, creative writing.
  • Where you can find?: Instagram, email, LinkedIn, Fiverr.

4. Pick up the Insurance Selling Business as a POSP

Image – 1.6: An agent explaining the features of a particular insurance

Now a days, the importance of policy insurance is growing day by day. People buy health insurances, house policies, travel policies and many of them. That’s why it’s an amazing field for students to earn money online, also this field doesn’t demand a great time and great efforts. The purpose to buy these insurances is to ensure yourself, your family and your properties from the upcoming future.

There are many platforms which provide you the online job opportunities for policy insurance selling with zero investment. Also some of them will take the responsibility of your training. They will provide you free training and a a POSP certificate. In addition, you will get a lots of features by the company as an insurance seller.

Point to be noted, there will be wan entrance exam. But not to worry, the company will give you the proper guidance and training to clear that exam. Thus you get the chance to easily enter on the market of online money earning by selling policy insurances.

  • Earning potentials: $120-$250/month
  • Skills: Communication, marketing, attention to details, analyzing.
  • Where can you find?: RenewBuy, PolicyBoss

5. Become a YouTuber

Image – 1.7: A professional YouTuber recording her video

Since the last 3 years, we noticed a significant jump in the field of YouTube. More and more people are getting engaged on YouTube daily. Not only viewers but also a great number of creators are entering into the field of YouTube day by day. Why? Because YouTube pays you for uploading contents on their platform.

As an YouTuber, you have the opportunity to earn limitless money. Yes! You heard it right. You can earn as much as you want and there is no bound.

You can simply login on YouTube with your Gmail account and start growing your channel for free of cost. But remember to upload contents which helps, entertain public and which has a audience demand. Never ever try to make false or fake contents.

As an YouTuber, you get aid whenever you get 1k views. For example- you get paid $1-$2 for 1k views, $2-$4 for 2k views. Your earning will increase day by day as your channel grows. If you get your at least 1 video viral, your earning will be counted into lakhs! It will increase the number of your subscribers at an instance and will bring more and more views on your other videos. The more you create real contents, the more views you get, so does your earning increases.

  • Earning potential: $2-$60000/month
  • Skills: Unique content writing skills, good communication, creativity.
  • Where you can find?: YouTube

6. Start Video Editing

Image – 1.8: A video editor editing video for reels in an Android

Currently the job of video editing market has a great great value. It is growing rapidly due to the great jump in the technology. You can see the video editing art everywhere, from news to YouTube, from movies to cartoons. Everything is the gift of video editing.

Now you may wonder why there is a high demand of video editors in the market, right? Well, the answer is content creators, social media influencers. Yes! Since the last 2-3 years a great number of TikTokers, YouTubers and many more have entered into the industry. They need to edit and make the shot video attractive, right? Here comes the role of video editors.

The task of a video editor is to properly decorate and present the content, so that it satisfies the audiences. The more attracting the video is, the more engagement it will get. The shorts or reels editors have the task to add properly the music, colors, cuts and many more into it. So, that’s how content creators brought the demand of video editors in the tech industry. This is a fantastic way to earn money online for students. It helps them a lot in many future fields.

To learn video editing, it may be a little bit lengthy but it’s very easy. Also that, it is completely free and both mobile and pc users can learn and do video editing. For mobile users, they can use VN video editor, Capcut. As an pc user, you can use Filmora [comes with watermark] and Da Vinci Resolve. Below are 2 links given for both Capcut and Da Vinci.

To gain a good expertise on video editing, you must learn its basics, such as- cut, trim, color grading, transitions etc. You can explore the basics to advance on your own as you move forward. A great thing available on the online platforms that they have pre made and pre designed templates. These can be used to speed up your editing task. Platforms like- Envato Elements, Motion Array provide you these pre designed features of animations, colors, effects and many more. Also you can check out some AI tools like- Runway, Descript etc. They have some ultimate features to bring your productivity to an amazing level.

After getting a good knowledge on the skills, you need to practice them hard. After sufficient practice, you can simply pick some raw video files from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and edit on a story basis. Next you have to create your own portfolio and put your sample works there. It will work as your customer attracter.

Finally, you are now ready to enter into the market of online money earning. A tip for newbies, at the very beginning, don’t try to find clients on Fiverr, Upwork. You can start your freelance video editing carrier by reaching out content creators on Instagram and YouTube. It will help you to grow effectively.

  • Earning potential: $60-$850/month
  • Skills: Creativity, practice, communication and relevant video editing skills
  • Where you can find?: Instagram, YouTube, Fiverr, Upwork.

Closing the chapter: The Impact and Significance of earning money online is like a double edged sword with its advantages and disadvantages. Students can unbound themselves at the international level by starting earning money online. This field has a great scope in near future. People can earn according to their will in this market. Being an unbiased field, the online money earning field provides feature, quality and earning scope according to their skill set. We have shared some important options of earning money online with a sufficient detailed guide.

Let me know in the comment section about your favorite online jobs.


Is it really possible for students to earn money online without affecting their studies?

Yes, many online earning opportunities offer flexible schedules, allowing students to manage both their studies and online work effectively.

What are the benefits of earning money online as a student?

Earning money online offers benefits such as flexible working hours, the potential for passive income, skill development, exposure to global markets, and improved communication skills.

Are there any risks associated with online earning, especially for students?

While there are many legitimate opportunities, students should be cautious of scams and fraudulent platforms that promise high earnings after your service delivery but don’t pay you.

Do I need specific qualifications to start earning money online?

Most online earning opportunities value skills and expertise more than formal qualifications. As long as you have the required skills, you can start earning online.

What are some of the common online earning platforms available for students ?

Some common platforms include Upwork, Fiverr, YouTube, social media platforms, and domain trading platforms like GoDaddy.

Can I earn a substantial income from transcription work?

Transcription work can provide a steady income, especially when dealing with foreign clients. However, income may vary based on your skills and the volume of work.

How can I learn video editing skills as a student?

There are various online resources, including YouTube tutorials and software courses, that can help you learn video editing skills at your own pace.

Is domain trading a reliable way to earn money online for students?

Domain trading can be profitable, but success depends on your ability to identify valuable domain names and market trends. It may require some initial investment and research.

What skills do I need to become a successful social media manager?

Successful social media managers need skills in social media marketing, content strategy, data analysis, and creative writing to effectively engage with online audiences.

Is becoming a YouTuber a viable long-term career option for students?

Yes, many YouTubers have turned their channels into successful careers. However, it requires consistent effort, dedication, and producing engaging and relevant content for your audience.