What is Internship, its importance? 10 useful tips

If you are a college student and looking for a passive income in a skill building way then you can join internship programs. Here, MoneyMaveric is presenting the detailed information about internships, it’s necessity, process etc.

What is Internship?

In simple language, internship is a part time job experience given to college students or recently graduated students by various companies. The purpose of offering internships is to familiarize the students with the ‘in-office’ work experience.

Here the interns have to work along with their teammate under a supervisor. It also builds the skill of team work in them. Internships provide students the practical and skill based work experience and improve their soft and hard skills.

It helps them to build a strong resume and later in placement. Internships can go on from some weeks to several months and even 1 or 1.5 years depending upon the companies.

Most of the internships are beneficial for students as they get paid for it. It’s beneficial as they can use this stipend for their further studies.

Although not all internships are paid, some of them are unpaid. The unpaid internships provide you college or course credits instead of money.

Along with these characteristics, an internship can be converted into a full time professional job on that same company after one’s college or university graduation. Thus internships play a significant role to secure a job for you.

Types of Internships

What is Internship,internships,internships on internshala
Image – 1.1 : Different interns at a same discussion

The Summer Internships

The summer internship is a type of internships which takes place in the months of summer. It is usually 9-12 weeks long internships program.

Generally, you will see summer internships start from the months of May and comes to an end by August. Again this may vary from companies to companies.

The application process of summer internships get started from January-February usually. The benefits of summer internships are as same as of the normal internships.

The Winter Internships

On the other hand, winter internships generally occur from the months of November-December and comes to an an end by January-February.

Usually, for winter internships, students start to apply between the months of September-October. To tell you about the basic difference of summer internships and winter internships, it’s nothing but their occurrence time period.

Semester Internship

As the name suggests, this type of internships take place during the college semesters. It may go on for 1 semester [6+6 months].

For this 1 year long semester internship, usually interns are not paid for the first 6 months [introductory period] and for the second half of the semester they get paid by the company [little work load].

As this internship occurs during the academic sessions, students have to keep a balance between their studies and internships.

What is Internship,internships,internships on internshala
Image – 1.2 : Interns at the office with their team leader


Basically externship is a short form of internship. Companies offer externship to make the students a short term experience about the office work flow. This may also include some real life problem solving tasks in various fields.

Externship is suitable for those students who want to know more about the real ‘in office’ environment, systems etc. It helps them to filter their targeted industry and future studies.


As you can see the name, it returns you back to the previous step. Means, if you are not on a specific position for a long time in a company, you will need a revision or brush-up, right?

Returnship provide you the opportunity to get a revision on the skills that you already have, making you fully prepared for a position in the company.

What is Internship,internships,internships on internshala
Image – 1.3 : An intern after her stipend

There are both types of internships offered by a company. Paid and unpaid. It’s now your decision that which one you want to choose.

Paid internships are internships where the candidates get paid by the company. Usually it is suitable for the candidates who are new in the industry. Paid internships motivate them to do their work with more seriousness and learn more.

The intern candidates get paid in exchange of the services and the values they provide to the company. In an paid internship you get the duty to manage a lot of tasks similar to the professional job.

Unpaid Internship

If you want the college credits or course credits more than the compensation, then you can look towards the unpaid internships. This types of internship offer you not only college credits but also a less duty and work load. Thus you can focus more on your study.

In addition, there are some organizations, institutes which offer some fundings to the unpaid interns to reduce their other expenses.

Also, many companies offer you free travel, free lunch at the office. Make sure to get it clear from your company before applying for an internship.

Importance of Internships from the Point of View of Students

What is Internship,internships,internships on internshala
Image – 1.4 : Office work of a intern

Internships are important for many scenarios. As an intern, you experience the environment of of a typical office-work.

Not only that, but also you find your passion and talents through internships. Moreover it helps you to build a good network and community with others.

Internships fill the gaps of your skills greatly. A good thing of internships is that many companies like to hire those candidates who have a good internship performance.

So, all these subjects make internships a essential part of a students in the point of view of their carriers. So, without wasting any time, let’s explore the importance of internships.

1. The path

The most important point of internships is that, you realize whether you chose your carrier on right path or not. Also, you can decide your future path properly after your internships. Thus internships play a great role in identifying your future carrier.

2. Gaining real world experience

While doing internships, you have to work with your team leader, seniors, teammates etc. There you will get a good opportunity to build a strong network with them. It helps you to recognize the real world or practical life experience.

Also, getting precious ideas from team leader or instructors will be a valuable information for you. Internships tell you how your future office work environment may look like.

3. The integration

Everyone of us studies hard in college time. But internship is the time when you have to apply and integrate those concepts to solve real life problems. There you explore and understand the flow of work, algorithms, time management and many more.

What is Internship,internships,internships on internshala
Image – 1.5 : A group of interns get mentored by instructor

4. Employment

Did you know that you may get shortlisted by you internships company if you perform there well? Yes! There’s a high chance that you already may get a job opportunity in future in that particular company if your company seniors get satisfied with your work.

In this way, you can easily secure a valuable place in your internships company. Internships will give you confidence for office work experience. Also, you will be familiar with the work process, systems of your future job company, only if you want to join there after graduation.

5. Feedback

For every intern, this is the one of the valuable tools which is to get feedback from seniors. Professional mentors will identify your mistakes and guide you in the right path. You must follow those properly for a better capture on those topics.

It will help you greatly to improve your skills further. You can thereafter work on those mistakes and bring up your new version.

6. The competition

There will be a thousands of candidates who will apply for the internships. You have to prepare yourself inside that competition hub. It gives you a great lesson in life to prepare, beat and survive in the competition.

Thus, be unique, do unique so that you become a little bit different from others.

7. Passions

In an internship, you get the opportunity to focus on what you like, your passions. This gives you a new perspective of working. This is very important for you as sometimes you suddenly discover anything hidden inside you, means any hidden talent.

Importance of Internships from the Point of View of Companies

What is Internship,internships,internships on internshala
Image – 1.6 : Selection process is goin on by interview

Just like students, the companies also seek interns and arrange internship programs on a frequent basis. There are various reasons behind it including the profits of both the company and the interns.

Let’s discuss all of them step by step below –

1. Find talents

It is considered to be the most obvious reason for a company to organize internship programs. A company finds a perfect, skilled and reliable candidate through their internship programs which may not be possible by the conventional hiring method.

Moreover, companies can provide them internships to increase their own productivity using the hidden talent. Yes! sometimes internships work as a ‘talent search program’ for the companies. A study say, 65% of the paid interns and 39% of unpaid interns convert their internships into a full time professional job in that company after their graduation.

This is again beneficial for companies as that interns already know the work progress, system, algorithm, trends, structure and many more about the company.

So, the interns and the companies feel comfortable while working with each other. In this way, the interns find a suitable internship company and a company finds a perfect candidate for them.

2. The cost

It is one of the major reasons why companies organize an internship program. Many students don’t want to get paid during the course of internship. Instead of the stipend, they ask for college credits or course credits.

The companies then provide the students those credits in exchange of the service they provide to the companies. Thus companies reduce their labor cost by internship programs.

3. The load

In an internship program, some interns extend their helping hand towards the company to do short term tasks or projects. It reduces the stress for the company and the interns get an extra amount of stipend.

Sometimes the companies transfer some little, simple and short term projects to the interns and replace them with some ‘in-vacation’ employees.

In this way, the interns get the chance to gain some knowledges and the companies complete their tasks in exchange of a little expense.

What is Internship,internships,internships on internshala
Image – 1.7 : An intern doing work from home internship

4. Marketing

This method is proved beneficial for companies in case of marketing. This process is as simple as pie.

When an intern gets internships opportunity in a company, he or she tells about the features, structures and many more about the company to his or her classmates, seniors, juniors and others.

This lead to a brand awareness about the company to other colleges, universities and institutes who may apply for internships in that company in future. Thus companies organize an internship program in order to spread their brand name to different places

5. The youngers’ power

Has the company its own social media account? Then it may be a big reason to hire interns for them. The young interns of this generation are the key experts of the social media.

Now a days, the social media has become a major part for any business or company. The young have enough knowledge of social media algorithms and trends. They can easily increase the productivity rate of the company by analyzing the trends and algorithms.

If a company uses their social media accounts for increasing the sales or services then they may seek for help to the interns. Because the interns can easily help the companies in the social media managing field.

This idea helps the companies by reaching out more people and the interns get additional stipend. Thus interns sometimes help their companies by solving their social media problems.

6. New viewpoints

What is Internship,internships,internships on internshala
Image – 1.8 : Group analyzing of interns

Sometimes there are many interns in a company who have already internship experiences in another company. Sometimes they provide much more information to the current company about the previous one.

For example – an intern can provide the stats, details of his or her competitor’s company[previous] to the current company. Also they may give some additional information or opinion to the company about the industry or market.

So, interns sometime stand to be a great tool for the companies to set different different strategies and get a new viewpoint.

7. The future

Many companies are determined to build a skillful student community and employee for the industry. Internships play an essential role to enhance the practical skills of students.

Having a skillful student community will help the companies to find a perfect job candidate in future. This is also an important reason why companies provide internships opportunities.

Tips to grab an Internship

What is Internship,internships,internships on internshala
Image – 1.9 : A data analyst intern on her office

We have already discussed the definition and importance of internships. For getting internships, there are many companies, organizations and NGOs.

A lot of students’ dream is to get internships on their dream companies. There’s also a concern in students’ mind that, they don’t have any experience, so will they get any internships opportunities?

Don’t worry, internships are to enhance and gain new skills and experiences. So, without wasting any time let’s look into some tips to get internships.

1. Research research and research

If you are looking for an internship in a particular industry, make sure to research well on internet or website about the companies of the industry. Your next step will be to shortlist some companies.

Don’t forget to verify their relevancy or trust rating. After all of these, look for the requirements of the companies. For instance, you want internship opportunity in company ABC. And company ABC has set a criteria of a CGPA of 7 in college semesters.

So, you must meet that eligibility criteria and requirements in order to get internship on that company. Make sure to check those types of requirements for all the companies.

2. The network

If you are looking for internships, you must need help from others, right? Your college professors, seniors and alumni can give you the best advice and help for this.

Keep a regular contact with your professors and instructors. If possible, contact with the seniors and alumni of your college. Frankly speak with them and tell the complete details about your internships. They will guide you at the proper path.

3. Reach out people

You can easily find out the candidates who got internships opportunity in your targeted company. To find them easily, you can use the ‘#interns’ hashtag.

Also, in order to talk to your college alumni, you can talk to your college officials to access the alumni databases. By reaching oupeople, you will be ablke to widen your network and contacts for future help.

What is Internship,internships,internships on internshala
Image – 1.10 : A student talking about internship with his senior

4. Substitution

It is a genius and genuine way to get internships. On LinkedIn, you can search and reach out the candidates who had just completed their internships on a particular company.

You can search these types of candidates using the ‘#internships’ hashtags. After reaching out them, you can learn about their internship journey-experiences and ask them for referral.

This means, that candidate had left a vacancy on that company and you can fill that place. Simply you can ask him/her to convince the HR or recruiter of that company to hire you as an intern. This is an effective and well working method as that candidate might had a good connection with that company.

5. The Resume

Create your own solid and strong resume. That doesn’t mean that you attach false information there. Try to make it relevant, accurate and clean.

A tip for newbies is that, put your highest and greatest achievements at the top of your resume. For example – if you built a fantastic project, then you can put that on the top of your resume. If you have any unique and amazing skill then you can put that at the top of your resume. Otherwise if you are a prestigious and reputed college or university graduate, then don’t forget to mention that at the resume top.

It will attract the attention of the HR or interviewer greatly. The interviewer of the company pays a lot of attention to the candidates’ resume.

6. The Silly Mistakes

Many students make this common mistakes of grammatical mistakes. This types of mistakes may directly lead to your rejection. Never create your resume or CV in hurry.

Always make sure to go through and cross check your resume before submitting it. be careful not to make any spelling mistakes too. These make the recruiters think that you are careless about your skill, resume and internships.

7. The Problems

When you are going to apply for internships, on any platform or company, you can identify any types of faults or little problems-mistakes in the company and tell them the solutions along with your solving approaches.

This strategy makes the HR think that you have researched well on that company and serious about internships. Thus it makes you unique from others as an intern. This is one of the greatest strategies which you can apply.

8. Contact via email or phone

What is Internship,internships,internships on internshala
Image – 1.11 : An intern got worried after rejection

If you have already targeted a company for internship, then what are you waiting for? Don’t waste a single second to email them for the internship opportunities.

If you want to know more details specifically, you can call them also. If they need any particular requirements, make sure you have fulfilled them.

Also if they ask for any kind of specific documents, send them properly so that they can understand them easily. Don’t forget to attach your CV and resume.

Finally, don’t forget to apply before the deadline.

9. The interview preparation

Getting an interview call for internship will bring you 1 step near to the success. But don’t get too happy for that. Now it’s the time for you to focus on the interview preparation.

Again your seniors and alumni who have a pre internship experiences can help you with the best instructions. Try to follow strictly what they say. They may provide you some important, common and relevant questions and answers list for interview.

Also, if you become able to contact an intern from your target company, it will be a golden chance for you. Try to gather information from them as much as possible. Taking a note of those answers will be a fantastic idea. Remember to practice them very carefully.

A tip for newbies, never try to be fake throughout the interview sessions. It feels a little nervous during the interview but try to be real, be chill. Make sure to go through thoroughly the questions and answers you have noted.

10. The Thanks letter

Want a different attention form the recruiters? You can send them a ‘Thank you letter’ for spending their valuable times with you.

You can address all recruiters you spoke to there and tell them a thanks. Don’t forget to add a little recap of the interview session and mention the moments you enjoyed the most.

It is a good practice to send the interviewers a thank you letter. It makes them feel that you are very serious about the internship. Make sure to keep the letter clean and tidy.

So what do you think the most important step of internships? Let me know in the comment section.

Places to find Internships

What is Internship,internships,internships on internshala
Image – 1.12 : A candidate doing web research about his dream intern company

There are a lot of options available for you to find internship opportunities. But among them, these are top 3 places where you can approach for your internship. Let’s get discussed all of them-

1. Your college

If you are from a reputed college, then you should not worry much about internships. Usually companies visit these institutes on a frequently basis. Thus, nowhere to go.

If you are a student of a tier-2 or tier-3 college, you can ask help to you college carrier Centre. They are there to help those specific students. Also you may ask for help to your college officials as we talked earlier.

2. Your targeted companies

If you have a selected company for internship on your mind, you can directly contact them via email or call. It will be the best way to get a clear cut idea about the company, their requirements, process and many more.

One more benefit of this method is that you can directly visit their website and explore all their details.

3. Online platforms

If you are not sure where to get internships, you can visit a online platforms. A number of platforms are there available on internet which provide internships.

Platforms such as InternShala, LetsIntern, LinkedIn and many more provide you internship offering companies. A lot of students apply there for internships and they get the opportunities also.

There different different companies offer different types of internships for various time periods. Don’t forget to verify the companies’ relevancy, and trust rating.

Wrapping Up

Key Takeaways from Our Exploration of that, internships play an essential role in the carrier development and building of a student. It take part in giving them a real world, practical and ‘in-office’ exposure. Various companies, organizations offer internship to students, some of them offer a full time professional job after the students’ graduation.

There are various types of internships which is offered to a student. Like- summer internships, winter internships and many more.

Also one can find internships opportunities in online platforms such as – Internshala, Letsintern etc.

Let me know in the comment section that which point do you think is most important for internships.


  1. What is an internship?

    An internship is a part-time job experience given to college students or recent graduates by various companies to familiarize them with in-office work experience.

  2. What is the purpose of offering internships?

    The purpose of offering internships is to provide students with practical and skill-based work experience, build teamwork skills, and help them strengthen their resumes for future job placements.

  3. How long do internships typically last?

    Internships can last for a few weeks to several months, or even 1 to 1.5 years, depending on the companies and the specific program.

  4. What is a summer internship?

    A summer internship is a type of internship that takes place during the summer months, usually lasting around 9-12 weeks from May to August.

  5. Why are internships important?

    Internships are important as they help students identify their career paths, gain real-world experience, integrate academic knowledge into practical problem-solving, increase employment opportunities, receive valuable feedback, learn to compete, and explore their passions.

  6. How does an internship benefit students’ future careers?

    Internships can benefit students’ future careers by providing them with valuable experience, skills, and a network that can lead to potential job opportunities, especially if they perform well during the internship.

  7. What is the role of internships in building a professional network?

    Internships offer students the chance to work with team leaders, seniors, and colleagues, helping them build a strong professional network that can be valuable in their future careers.

  8. How can I secure an internship on platforms like Internshala or others?

    To secure an internship on platforms like Internshala or others, ensure that you have a solid and accurate resume, avoid silly mistakes like grammatical errors, and research the company’s challenges and offer solutions in your application. You can also try reaching out to candidates who recently completed internships at a company and ask for a referral.

  9. What is the significance of getting feedback during an internship?

    Feedback during an internship is essential as it helps students identify their weaknesses, improve their skills, and become better professionals in their chosen fields.

  10. How can internships help students in choosing their future career paths?

    Internships play a crucial role in helping students determine if they have chosen the right career path by giving them practical exposure to the job environment and allowing them to explore their interests and talents.