What is Internship in Engineering? Its Importance | Detailed Discussion | 2023

Are you a student? A college graduate? No matter a student or graduate or professional you are, sometimes you must have felt the necessity of doing internships and the thoughts ‘What is Internship in Engineering?’

Yes! It’s too much important when seen from the perspective of a student. Especially internships in the engineering field are must needed for engineering students. The studies in college or school give us theoretical knowledge but an internship helps to improve our skills by applying those theories, problem-solving ability, innovative thinking and many more.

Internship is one of the best way to experience the practical or real life working and ‘in-office-work’ environment. Not only for engineering students but also for medical students, MBA students, Data Science and all types of students internship is an essential and a must needed portion of their carrier.

What is an Internship in Engineering Field?

What is Internship in Engineering,internship in engineering
Image – 1.1: A group of interns are at office

In the era of leading and advanced technologies, the number and roles of engineers have increased rapidly. The main problem that most of the engineers face is that of ‘no work experience’.

Most of the companies, now a days, seek candidates who have at least a minimum number of work experience. At this point of time, the value of internships come out and help the candidates to get a job as a fresher.

Remember, internship does not deal with the theoretical or ‘in-book’ knowledges, but with the real life projects and programs.

For example – as an Data Analyst intern, you have to work with projects and solve problems of large numbers of data using Python programing language which you have learnt on college. Also if you are a software engineer intern, , you may have to deal with a project like – ‘finding a black object with C++’. Or if you got an internship opportunity in a web development company, you may have to crate, test and run a complete website.

Thus, a internship in the engineering field helps us to implement the theoretical knowledges in real life.

Why Internship is Important for Engineering?

What is Internship in Engineering,internship in engineering
Image – 1.2: A sound engineer intern at office

For engineering students, it is obvious to do at least 1 internship. As an engineer, your task is to identify, explore and solve daily life problems. Internships offer you a pre-job experience in these topics.

That’s why, internships in engineering play a very important role in their whole carrier. Moreover, internships will prove your skill set to others.

So, without wasting any time, let’s have a look at the major important steps for internships in engineering.

1. The Network and People

The one of the best advantage you get while doing internships is that, you meet a number of people and professors there.

This help you learn different lessons from different people and widen your network. Also, this provide you the chance to build your large network and get a proper guidence.

Having an own large network and community may get proved to be beneficial for many cases such as– 1. Joining new startups, 2. Learn lot more about your carrier future, 3. Job placements, 4. New skills etc.

However, a professional network and contact is very necessary for engineering interns as it will help them to get a variety of resources for their future studies and carriers.

2. The Environment

The most important part of an internship is that, you get the ‘office view’. That means, you get the opportunity to work in an office with other professionals, teammates and fellow interns.

A real world experience of office is essential for all types of interns. The internships are considered to be their pre job experience.

At this point of time, interns learn how to deal with clients, communicate with others, sync with the teammates, co-operate with others, follow boss or team leaders etc. It will also teach them the lesson of time management, how to keep balance between work and time etc.

What is Internship in Engineering,internship in engineering
Image – 1.3: A group discussion of architect interns

3. Be Practical

We study vey hard, put the efforts of 2-3 months to learn a programing language. We spend a lot more in order to learn the concepts of if-else, variables, loops, DBMS, Overloading & Overriding, OOPs and many more. Sometimes, a single line of codes takes us an hour to understand.

However, finally we learn a programing language completely, even we create many projects with that concept.

But what’s now?

Now it is the time to implement those piece of codes in your pc to analyze and solve real life, practical problems and get an informative solution in an efficient way.

4. Are you Passionate?

Let’s assume a hypothetical example that you are an intern at Cloud System Development in C++. Now you come across with your fellow intern on that company who is struggling with a concept of C++ in Game Development. Now you explain it to him properly.

Thus you get a new perspective to look at the same programing language in different industry. You start to explore it more and finally you decide to give up the Cloud System Development and to learn and pursue your carrier in Game Development.

Sounds strange?

But this is true for many cases. According to the studies of National Centre for Education Statistics, almost 80% students change their subject industry and college major.

Next time before choosing your college major, make sure to ask yourself – ‘Am I passionate about this?’

In this way, you can find and explore the fields, industries and subjects which suit you best. Thus internships allow you to find your real passions.

You work with other professionals in an internship, right? This gives you an amazing benefit to bring an ultimate level of efficiency into your work.

How is it possible?

Well, you will come to know about various and brilliant trending and important tools, software which you can apply to your task.

For instance – Software like ChatGPT, may help software engineers, web developers, finance advisors etc. Similarly, Photoshop, Stable diffusions are some marvelous and trending software for graphics designers.

6. The Security

What is Internship in Engineering,internship in engineering
Image – 1.4: An intern after getting job offer after internship

As an intern in engineering field, there is a easy way where you can secure a job for you. Let’s get explained.

An intern can secure a job after college or university graduation if he or she performs well on that internship and satisfy the company’s seniors.

Many companies apply this technique for several reasons. Such as to – fasten their candidate hiring process for placement, to hire a candidate who knows and understands the company well, to smoothen their workflow etc.

This may be proved for you too as you don’t have to worry and waste time for seeking jobs at other companies.

7. Developing Yourself

While doing an internship in a company, you analyze work and solve a lot of things regarding your topic and industry. This provide you a creative and analyzing ability into yourself.

Also you may see there other startups struggling with a problem. You can help them out with your skills and knowledges.

This does not increase your network and and connection only but also increase your face value to your seniors and team leaders.

Another way is that, you can join there any startup in your experienced and interested field to help to grow that industry. There you can explore a large numbers of options as an intern.

8. The Chance to Learn Yourself

Internship is a great opportunity to learn yourself. As a coin has its two sides, in the same way every industry has its own pros and cons. Internships in engineering field helps you to identify such types of features, pros, cons, future and many more information about the industry.

While doing an internship, you explore and come to know many things about the industry. This gives you a new prospect to see the industry properly. You can also learn the past, present and future scope of the industry.

Moreover, interns face a lot of tasks, challenges during their internships closely. Means, you can identify your strengths, weakness, faults on that field. So you can work on them, correct yourself and improve.

What is Internship in Engineering,internship in engineering
Image – 1.5: An intern analyzing data and exploring the industry while doing internship

9. Mistakes and Learning

Failure is the Pillar of Success

Samuel Beckett

That’s true. Unless you start, try, and fail you can’t find your point of mistakes and fault. No matter how many times you fail, until you overcome your failure and learn from it, you can’t be successful.

As an intern in the engineering industry, it is recommended to follow strictly what your mentor, team leader, and instructor says. These are your golden tips for your improvement.

This move works greatly in order to improve your skill set. Also your area of strengths, weakness, points of inaccuracy are spotted by this.

10. The Payment

One of the greatest important aspect of internships is that, you get paid. Most of the companies pay their interns while they are doing internships. Companies pay you in exchange to the service you provide them.

This is beneficial for economic weakly students along with other students also. They can use this stipend to pay their college fees. Somebody buy or upgrade their gadgets or pc or laptop with this. Many students also pay their monthly subscription for important software for studies using the stipend of internships.

The amount of stipend may vary from companies to companies. To give you a rough idea, Generally CSE interns get paid a stipend of 1.8 LPA on an average. On the other hand, companies offer 2.4 LPA stipend on an average to Data Science interns. Also a Mechanical Engineering intern gets offer of a stipend of 0.6 LPA on an average by his or her company.

Preparation for the Engineering Internships Interview

What is Internship in Engineering,internship in engineering
Image – 1.6: Live interview of an intern candidate

‘Congratulations! You are selected as an intern in our company. You joining date is- dd/mm/yyyy.’ These lines bring an unexpected and lot more pleasures in our mind, right?

So, after applying for the internships, you have to now be prepare and practice for the interview in order to hear these lines. Let’s get discussed.

In general, after entering the interview room, greet the official with a shake hand and a good morning or good afternoon. Now if the interviewer ask you about your skills and knowledges, you must answer them with your most relevant and highest skill set with their features.

Remember, an interview is the test of your character, personality and behavior.

Although an interview feels us pressured, but be real, stay chill throughout the interview. Don’t get nervous or don’t try to show off or to be fake.

Let your naturality be come out and you will definitely crack the interview successfully.

The Perfect Time to Apply for an Internship

To give you an rough idea, usually students start to apply for summer internships from the months of January-February. As the deadline is not too far, you too apply for the summer internships on time.

If you are looking for the winter internships, you must not be late to apply on the months of September-October. This is the perfect time to apply for the winter internships.

Where Can I Find Internships for Engineering?

What is Internship in Engineering,internship in engineering
Image – 1.7: A student researching about internships online

There are several websites and platforms which provides you online and offline internships. Below is the list of top 10 such platforms.

1. InternShala

2. LetsIntern

3. LinkedIn

4. Monster

5. Naukri

6. StuMagz

7. Twenty19

8. Hello Intern

9. Freshers World

10. InternshipWorld

To Wrap it up

Final Thoughts: Embracing ‘what is internships in engineering’ for a Better Tomorrow, internships plays a significant role in the whole carrier of students, graduates as well as professionals. it work as a bridge connection between the theoretical and practical knowledge.

Internships also allow them to come out of the text books and explore the practical and office world, learn more and enhance skills.

Moreover internships provide us the scope to enlarge our networks, connections, contacts and many more by getting in touch with mentors, contributing in their startups, exploring the industry etc.

Internships help us to shape, design and determine the future path of our carrier in many ways. Such as to learn form the mistakes, identifying our passions, securing a job and many more.

Internships keep a student 1 step ahead from others as it gives us the pre job experience. There are mainly two types of internships- summer internships [apply time January-February] and winter internships [apply time September-November].

Letsintern, Naukri, Internshala, LinkedIn and many more are some internships offering platforms.

So when you gonna apply for internships, summer or winter and on which platform? Let me know in the comment section.

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