Top 12 ideas in 2023 how to Earn Money Online for Students : Earn up to 90,000/month : part-1

MoneyMaveric is presenting you 12 ways of how to earn money online for students without any investment.

As a student we sometimes feel to have some pocket money to fulfill our little wishes. Sometimes we want to pay our own school or college fees.

Many students need a part time jobs where they don’t need to invest a single cents, spend a lot of times and they can do their job from their home as well as they can develop their skills in the field of studies and placements in future also.

1. Online Translator Jobs :

Earn Money Online,Online Translator,Web Development,Content Writer
Image – 1.1 : work as an online translator

If your knowledge is beyond one or more than one language then this online part time work from job is a golden opportunity for you.

This is a very great opportunity to earn money online for students without any investment. Many companies like OneHourTranslation, Fiverr, offer you jobs for online translation.

Here your task is to translate a content from a language to another language. There will be a testing round before you join the company as a translator.

You can earn from $0.04-$0.05 per word depending upon the language as a freelancer by working just 2-4 hours in a day.

If you can translate about 8 these types of articles or blogs of 2000 words, you can earn up to $100-$120/month depending upon your skills, language, location and the client.

How to start Online translation job?

A number of important steps are to be covered in order to start your online translating job. Below are the steps given, check out-

(1) Select and master : Choose the languages in which you are interested in, it can more than one language. You must gain enough knowledge on that language so that you make no mistake during your translating job.

(2) Improve it : Try to read newspapers, blogs or articles, listen audios, watch videos in this languages and practice it by writing and speaking it daily.

(3) Practice a lot : Try to practice to translate those newspapers. You can also try to translate the audios, videos also. But a efficient way to practice is to translate your favorite movie or web series.

(4) Create portfolio : Create your portfolio and put the pack of your sample and practice works of translation there. This will help to show your skills to others and increase your chance to get hired.

(5) Find clients : Next you have to find clients through Freelancing platforms or your network or agencies. A easy way to find clients is social media. You can approach various clients through Facebook or Instagram.

(6) Fix price : Fix a rate for per order depending upon the language, the complexity of the content and your expertise.

Remember, at the beginning of your journey on freelance platforms, try to keep your prices low and provide the best value. You can further increase your fees as you grow more.

Earn Money Online,Online Translator,Web Development,Content Writer
Image – 1.2 : An online translator doing her job

Skills needed in this Field

To start your carrier as an online translator, you need to take care of some important skills. Let’s get discussed about these skills below-

1. Expertise on the language : A great knowledge on the languages [both the languages] is a must needed skill for a job of online translator.

2. Typing speed : A decent level typing speed is necessary for a translator. About 45-60 words per minute is considered as a good typing speed for a translator.

3. Typing skills : While typing with the speed of 45-60 words per minute, you must need to take care of the spelling, grammatical and verbal mistakes.

There are no space for making mistakes, so a good typing and writing skill is very important. You can also make sure that you have made no mistake by cross checking your translation.

4. Good vocabulary : A well capture on the vocabulary of the language is essential as you can’t even make any little mistake as a translator.

5. Communication skill : A good communication skill is very important in order to find clients. Some times you may also have to work with other translators on a same project. Thus communication skill will help to run your work flawlessly.

6. Time management : To complete your work within the certain time is very necessary in this job. You must maintain your speed of work so that you never fail to submit your task under the deadline.

How to Sign Up in

The necessary steps to sign up in are given below. Follow them properly and get started with Gengo.

1. Go to official website : At first you have to visit the website.

2. Select the option : Go to the footer section and tap on the ‘Become a Translator’ option.

3. Sign up : Sign Up with your Gmail account.

4. Enter details : Enter full name, address and timezone.

5. Confirm : Confirm your tax declaration.

6. Choose the niche : Select your expertise and the field [news/sports/business] in which you are skilled.

7. Select language : After that you need to select the language in which you want to translate.

8. Attend test : Finally they will organize a test which you must attend.

9. Confirmed : After successfully passing the test you are now good to go.

How to Sig Up in OneHourTranslation

The necessary steps to sign up in OneHourTranslation are given below. Follow them properly and get started with OneHourTranslation.

1. Visit official website : Go to the official website of OneHourTranslation.

2. Select Language : To sign up as a translator in OneHourTranslation, you will first need to select the two languages in which you want to translate.

3. Choose niche : You have to then select the field of work such as animals, education, politics etc.

4. Upload samples : After that you have to upload a sample of your project or previously done translating works.

5. Select the pack : Select the pack of works depending upon your skill.

6. Confirm : Finally you have to sign up again and confirm the package by purchasing it and you can now start your work.

2. Web Development :

Earn Money Online,Online Translator,Web Development,Content Writer
Image – 1.2 : Work as a Web Developer 

Love coding? Then web development can be a very good option for you. Freelancing as a web developer is a fantastic option as a part time work from home online job for college students, interns, job seekers, placement seekers.

Students from any background can learn web development. It needs self will and patience.

The task of a freelance web developer is to take orders from clients, build and design the structure, styles, colors each and everything of the website according to the client’s preference.

The field of web development is growing speedily in the modern era as there are many startups, companies growing in every corner of the world.

You can do freelancing in web development by working just 3-4 hours per day according to your flexible schedule at your comfortable place. You can earn up to $30-$60 per order depending upon your expertise, skills, client’s demand.

You can more than $75/hour if you get hired by a foreign client. You can earn up to $300/month depending upon your skill, experience, location, clients, if you complete 4 these types of web development projects.

There are 3 major steps in web development. These are discussed below in details.

Frontend Development

The frontend development mainly deals with 5 components. Let’s get discussed about them one by one.

HTML : It is the section with which the users interact. HyperText Markup Language commonly known as HTML is considered the base of Frontend.

At first you need to clear the basics by a dab hand at HTML. It is very simple and easy to learn.

CSS : The Cascading Style Sheets known as CSS is used to design the boring structure of your website and give it a attracting look.

You fill colors, align every items according to your taste, add transitions, animations with the help of CSS. For a beginner it is never recommended to learn the whole CSS as it is very confusing and frustrating.

JavaScript : The heart of our Frontend even the whole website is JavaScript [JS]. It provides you various functionality to your website. What program should occur in your website when you press a button/link is determined by JavaScript.

Some important concepts of JavaScript are variables, constant, loops, array, if-else.

Tailwind CSS/Bootstrap : Tailwind CSS/Bootstrap is a wonderful part of CSS. It allows you to design your website in an amazing and gorgeous looking way. Tailwind CSS/Bootstrap both are best at their own places.

But using Bootstrap for beginners is highly recommended. They offer you attracting components, elements to design your website in an extraordinary way.

Frameworks : ReactJS, Angular, NextJS, VueJS are one of the important part of the frontend development. As we will move forward, we will see that there are many repetitive codes in our programme.

These frameworks or libraries help us not to write the same codes again and again. Basically these frameworks speed up the functionality of your website and make our coding very efficient and fast.

All these frameworks are based on JavaScript. They are used to create single page website/applications.

Now a days, for placements, internships, jobs, freelancing these frameworks are must. Among these frameworks one frameworks is enough to create an awesome website.

Backend Development

The backend development is the part of web development where the processing, request management, API of your website all are done. There are many options available for backend.

Option-1 : NodeJS[JS] + MongoDB

Option-2 : Flaks[Python]/Django[Python] + MongoDB

Option-3 : PHP, Java etc.

For beginners it is recommended to go with NodeJS as it is based on JavaScript which we have already learnt in frontend.

Also, it is on high demand in each MNCs. We will get introduced to API, Git, GitHub, HTTPS, IP etc.

The Git

Now a days Git became a mandatory in the sector of web development, software development and on many other fields.

It helps you to track your work histories. The main feature of Git is when a team of developers are working together, it will be very easy to work on the same code together at the same time.

Earn Money Online,Online Translator,Web Development,Content Writer
Image – 1.3 : A team of Web Developer working together 

Skills required for Web Development [Front End development]

A number of skills are needed to get a dab hand on the front end section. Have a look at the following important points.

1. Basic knowledge of computer science : A fundamental knowledge of computer science and computer programming is needed for learning web development.

It means you should have a basic knowledge idea that which programming language has which feature. Similarly you must gain knowledge about the programming languages that are used in web development.

2. Clear idea of HTML and CSS : You must have a clear cut idea on HTML and CSS as they are the basic of your web development and front end.

Moreover, CSS is much important as it helps you to design your website and make it more attractive. You can learn these in 1 month depending upon the time you are spending daily.

3. Focus in JavaScript : You have to focus on JavaScript more than HTML and CSS. It is the logic builder of your website.

The functionality of your website is decided by JavaScript. Have a dab hand on JavaScript will eventually lead you to create a great website.

Remember an expert web developer is always a good JavaScript coder. You can learn JavaScript in 1-1.5 months depending upon the time you are spending daily.

4. Pay attention to Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS : Using Tailwind CSS or Bootstrap will help you to provide your website an amazing look. However Tailwind CSS and Bootstrap is more important for a web designer.

5. A great command on React JS : A good expertise on React JS is necessary to be an expert on front end development. In the section of React JS you must have a great capture on class base components and functional components.

But in modern days, the functional component is used mostly everywhere. So a great command on the functional component is highly recommended.

After that, the stats and props also play a significant role in React JS. Briefly, component, stats and props are considered to be the most important elements of React JS.

Apart from that, there are many more functionality, tools and features available on React JS

How to be a freelancer on web development?

Below it is given the necessary steps to get a chance a as a freelancer in web development. Read those carefully and not to miss a single step-

1. Choose your field : At first choose the field of web development in which you want to do freelancing. But as a beginner it is recommended to go with front end development.

After having a good expertise on front end, in future you can go with backend or full stack developer also.

2. Learn the course properly : You must learn a proper web development course. There are many courses available on YouTube, Google. Some links of the YouTube video is provided – Apna College, Code With Harry.

3. Practice practice and practice : After you complete course successfully, you need to practice by copying famous websites like Flipkart, Microsoft, Swiggy etc.

This will help you to build your skill to a great level. Otherwise you can select a random website template from internet and copy it.

4. Build your portfolio : Creating your own portfolio will help you to show your practice works and skills. You can create your own portfolio and put your sample works there. On the other hand, you can create your own website to show your skill set.

5. Find clients : The easiest way to find clients on internet is to register yourself as a freelancer web developer on the popular platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc.

But at the beginning you can go with social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn to get hired by clients.

Once you get your first client, you can show him your practice works and your websites from your portfolio. After that you can also add the website of your first client to your portfolio to get hired by next client.

6. Approach other businesses : You can go to your local market or social media accounts and find the businesses who have no websites.

You can approach them and ask them to that you can build a website for their businesses.

7. A tip for newbie freelancer : At the very beginning it is recommended to keep your fees low to survive in the competitions. As you move forward, work with different projects and different clients, you can further increase your rate according to your experience level.

Remember, the more you work as a freelancer, the more you will gain experience and skills.

3. Start your Carrier as a Content Writer :

Earn Money Online,Online Translator,Web Development,Content Writer
Image – 1.3 : work of a content writer

A content maybe an article or video or podcasts or reels or blogs you often see on internet. They are not randomly made.

They are created with a specific plan or strategy. A content writer s a person who sets these types of plans or strategies for blogs, videos, shorts etc.

Content writing is a golden chance for students to make money online by working from home. You can start content writing as a carrier depending upon your field of interest.

If you are interested in sports, you can write blogs, articles, posts on sports; If you are interested in education you in explain topics related to education on your style.

Contents available in the internet have a great impact on societies, industries as people from all over the world has the access to the contents.

Can you be a Content Writer?

Well, this job is not for everyone. If you have interest and knowledge about a particular niche and a dab hand on accurate spelling, grammar, punctuations, styles, language then you you are ready for this part time job. You also have the freedom to do this job from your home.

Your consistency, uniqueness should reflect on your writing. Although this field demands a good amount of time of our daily routine [2-6 hours/day depending upon the content topic and size].

Skills needed to be a content writer

To start your carrier in content writing, follow the following steps carefully. These are some key steps needed to be an expert in the content writing.

1. Choose a niche : Choose a specific category or niche in which you want to write content. Try to read newspaper, articles, blogs on that topic regularly from internet or from any other source. Try to gain knowledge about those topics as much as possible.

2. Expertise on language and vocabulary : A good capture on the language and vocabulary of your content is extremely important. In your content you can’t make even a little mistake.

This will happen when you will have a great command on your language, vocabulary, punctuations etc. You can improve it by listening, writing and reading newspapers, videos, blogs, articles or audios.

3. Good communication skill : A well and good communication skill in the job of content writing is considered as a major skill.

You may work with another content writer or with a team of content writers together. So a good communication between all of them is very necessary to work there very smoothly.

4. Knowledge about SEO : A basic knowledge on SEO is pretty much needed to be an expert content writer. Although you don’t need to know on advance on it, you should know how to add important keywords and where to apply them properly to gain absolute traffic.

Because at the end of the day, client will hire you as a content writer to bring traffic as much as possible on his website.

5. Good research skill : You should have a good research skill on your topic to be a content writer. As a content writer you will have to research on the topics from internet or any other sources.

So a basic knowledge on how to research about a topic and where to research about those topics is considered as a major skill in the field of content writing.

6. Simple writing : To write your content in very simple language is one of the most important skill needed as a content writer. It helps your audience to read and understand your content easily and bring satisfaction on them.

To make your content easy to understand, you must add heading, sub-heading and lists on your content.

Earn Money Online,Online Translator,Web Development,Content Writer
Image – 1.4 : A content writer writing articles 

How to be a Content Writer?

There are some important steps needed to be a quality content writer. Let’s get discussed all of them one by one-

1. Stay focused : At first you need to decide and stay focused on the field in which you have interest and enough knowledge.

2. Start practicing : Initially try to write blogs or articles on some popular topics such as Sports, news, health and fitness, foods, fashion, technology etc.

3. Develop : Develop your skills by writing 40-50 articles in total on the above topics.

4. Create your own portfolio : Create your portfolio and put the samples of your projects there.

5. Setup up your own blog website : You can start your own blog websites or you can approach clients via online platforms.

6. Promote yourself : Promote yourself as a content writer on social media and get the attention of the professionals of this industry.

7. Approach YouTubers : You can also reach out Youtubers.

8. Offer others : Offer other creators to write their blogs or article or podcasts etc.

9. Different skills : You can also offer them proofreading, content editing etc.

  • A newbie content writer has the potential to earn 500/article of 1000 words. As you grow more, you can charge $200-$400 for a single blog or article of 1000 words. A professional can even get paid $600-$1000 for a large project.

So what is your favorite options from the above? Let me know in the comment section.


Q: How can I earn money online as a student without any investment?

A: You can earn money online by exploring opportunities like online translation jobs, web development freelancing, and content writing.

Q: Is online translation a viable option for students to earn money?

A: Yes, online translation jobs are a great way for multilingual students to earn money by translating content from one language to another.

Q: How much can I earn as an online translator?

A: As an online tutor, you can earn up to $1000-$1200 per month depending upon your skills, number of projects, expertise and many more.

Q: Can I learn web development as a student and make money from it?

A: Absolutely! Web development offers excellent part-time opportunities for students to work from home and earn up to $3000 per month, depending on project complexity.

Q: What skills do I need to become a successful web developer?

A: Basic knowledge of computer science, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and familiarity with frameworks like ReactJS are essential skills for a web developer.

Q: How do I start my career as a content writer?

A: To start your career as a content writer, choose a niche you’re interested in, improve your language and vocabulary skills, and create a portfolio showcasing your work.

Q: Can I earn money as a content writer from home?

A: Yes, content writing provides an opportunity for students to work from home and earn money by writing articles, blogs, or social media content for clients.

Q: How can I find clients as a content writer?

A: You can find clients by registering on freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, promoting yourself on social media, and approaching businesses or YouTubers who may need content services.

Q: Is it necessary to have knowledge of SEO as a content writer?

A: Having a basic knowledge of SEO is beneficial as it helps optimize content for search engines and increase website traffic.

Q: Can I work as a content writer while pursuing my studies?

A: Yes, content writing offers flexible working hours, allowing you to balance your studies and part-time writing work effectively.

Q: What type of content can I write as a content writer?

A: As a content writer, you can write articles, blogs, social media posts, product descriptions, and more, depending on your client’s requirements.

Q: Is web development a suitable field for students from any educational background?

A: Yes, students from any educational background can learn web development and pursue freelance opportunities in this field.

Q: How can I improve my language and writing skills as a content writer?

A: Reading books, articles, and blogs regularly, and practicing writing on various topics can significantly improve language and writing skills.

Q: Can I work on multiple projects as a web developer or content writer?

A: Yes, as a freelancer, you have the flexibility to work on multiple projects simultaneously, depending on your time management skills, expertise and the time dedicated by you.

Q: What should I include in my web development portfolio to attract clients?

A: Your web development portfolio should showcase your previous projects, code samples, client testimonials, and demonstrate your expertise in different technologies and frameworks.


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