Top 10 ideas in 2023 how to Earn Money Online : Earn up to 60,000/month : part-2

MoneyMaveric is presenting to you of top 10 ideas on how to earn money online.

As a student, housewife, intern, job seeker we always feel to have some money to spend them for our little wishes. Many students want to pay their own school or college fees, some housewives wish to buy some products for their need, many interns wishes to buy a laptop/computer for their studies.

However, we don’t always have these pocket money to fulfil our little wishes. So MoneyMaveric is presenting to you of top 10 ideas on how to earn money online.

4. Start Online Selling Business :

Earn Money Online
Image – 1.8 : Selling products on E-commerce platforms

The products we buy on Amazon, Flipkart are not their own products. It is sold by other retailers, whole sellers, shopkeeper, businessman.

It is a very beneficial part time work from home job to earn money online for student also as you don’t need to invest a lot of time from your daily routine. The demand of online sellers are getting very popular as the online E-commerce market is growing very fast in the recent years.

If you want to sell your products to the every corner of the world, you can put the products on any online E-commerce platform and start selling. They [e-commerce platforms] are the middleman between you and the customer.

They charge a very little fees for their service and even they take the responsibility to deliver your products from your store to the customer. Almost 2.5 millions people are selling their 40% products on the online stores.

Important Requirements

There are some necessary documents ad other things needed to get started for the online selling business. Explore those important steps carefully-

1. Need a business or store name : To start selling your products online, you must have a store/business with a proper store name/business name.

2. The GST certificate : According to online selling rules and regulations, an online seller must have a GST registration certificate to sell their products on E-commerce platforms. In case if you don’t have the certificate, you can create it from chartered accountant [CA].

3. Bank account : You should have a valid bank account. When your products will get sold on the online stores, the amount of the money will be credited to your bank account.

4. Stock of products and data : The most important thing you must have is, your products, all details, images, descriptions of the products.

How to Start Online Products Selling?

To get started for online selling business, there are some major steps needed. Let’s get discussed them one by one below-

i. Select category : To start the online products selling programme, you have to choose a particular category of products to sell.

ii. Choose platforms : Select a E-commerce platform, you can select more than one platforms. Then set your business strategy according to the market.

iii. Registration : Get registered with your store name on the E-commerce platform.

iv. Confirmation : Confirm your store security and privacy policies by implementing the secure payment gateway.

v. Fixing rates : You can also fix the products rate according to the market values.

vi. Shipping method : Set the shipping methods according to your own taste.

vii. Set strategies : Keep working on your strategies and don’t forget to keep an eye on the sale to attract customers.

Earn Money Online
Image – 1.9 : An online seller analyzing his business

How to Join Amazon Online Selling Program?

In order to get started with the Amazon online selling program, check out the following steps. Follow them properly as they are the important steps to be covered.

1. Visit official website : Go to the official website of

2. Tap option : Tap on the ‘start selling’ option.

3. Sign in : Sign in or create a new account using your email address.

4. Set names : After that you have to put your own company name/business name.

5. Fill details : Fill the form with your business name and full address.

6. Choose shipping method : Then it will be asked to about the shipping method. The ‘Amazon easy ship’ is recommended as it is very reliable process.

7. Verify : Complete the 2-step verification process.

8. The GST or pan number : There after, you have to put your GST/pan card number. If you don’t have these, you can fill this details later.

9. Final step : Boom, after completing these steps successfully, you are ready to access your dashboard.

If you start selling your products on multiple platforms. You can earn up to 60k-70k on the first month depending on the category of your products. After continuing your sells, you can earn up to 90k-1lac/month.

5. Sell Photos Online :

Earn Money Online
Image – 1.6 : Photography for selling them online

This is one of the easiest way to make money online to sell photos online. This scope of making money in this field is increasing day by day as there are a large number of content creator, thumbnail designer on internet.

If you have a quality camera/mobile phone or if photography/videography is your hobby then why don’t use it to earn a decent amount of side money?

If you have skills in the field of photography/videography, you can click photos on high-resolution, edit a little bit by photoshop and upload to the online photo selling platforms like Photolia, Shutterstock, Picxy, Thinkstone, Alomy, Fotomoto etc.

You will be paid as soon as somebody buys your photo from the sites. You will get about 60%-75% of the amount paid by customer. Even you can get up to 100% price for the photos of exclusive license.

It is a wonderful way to make money online for photography students, housewives and everybody just working from home.

Skills needed

Although this field doesn’t demand any huge skills. however few important tips are given below –

1. Basic knowledge of market : You should have a basic knowledge on the apps which you are using to sell your photos. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to handle the whole system..

2. Know the market : You must be aware of the market of photo selling. You should be ahead the competitions. To do so, you have to keep the prices of the pictures according to the market and better than your competitors.

3. Communication skills : A good communication is essential as you may contact your customer to sell the images and tell him the features of your images.

4. Stay up to date : To be updated about the ecosystem will help you to survive in the competitions. Try to upload and sell images which are on demand and on trending.

5. Uniqueness and creativity : A little bit creative and unique will help you to increase your sells while others will stay with the same boring concept of images.

6. Editing : It will help you to have a basic knowledge of photo editing. There are many software available for editing photos such as Photoshop, Lightroom etc.

But keep in mind that a heavy editing on your image may lead to form a disgusting image.

Earn Money Online
Image – 1.7 : A photographer selling images online

Have a Look at the Major Steps

Below are some important steps discussed to get started with the online photo selling business. Make sure to follow those properly.

1. Decide category : Select a niche or topic of photography/videography in which you have interest or skills.

2. Look for platforms : Search for online platforms who provides these types of jobs.

3. Create portfolio : Create your own portfolio and put the samples of your photography there. This will attract customers to buy your photos/videos.

4. Sign up : Sign Up on your desired platform using email address or Facebook account. It is very simple process,

5. Details : You must add the details, description, title, keywords, meta-data of the pictures.

6. Set price : You can set the rate or price of the image depending upon your skills and quality of the image.

7. Consistency : Keep uploading your photos regularly.

8. Promote : Promote your pictures/work-projects on social media accounts.

6. Be a Social Media Influencer :

Earn Money Online
Image – 1.8 : Marketing of a social media influencer

In the days of modern era, people use a lot of times in social media. someone uses for it entertainment, someone uses for business and someone uses it for posting their content.

According to a data of 3rd September, 2022, people spend almost 2hours and 30 minutes of their daily routine on social media.

Is everybody influencer on social media? No, if you create contents for people, you will be considered as a social media influencer. An influencer with 10k+ followers is called a micro influencer.

A social media influencer has the ability to induce his audience/followers towards a new direction. It takes time for a person to be a social media influencer and over the time they will gain experience and skills in their particular field.

A number of brands approach to an influencer and promote their products, services by the help of influencers. This is the primary source of income of the social media influencers.

For example, an Instagram influencer with enough followers can earn up to 30k-50k per sponsored Instagram post.

Can you be a social media influencer?

Yes, of course. Anybody on the social media has the potential to be an social media influencer until they are consistent with their contents which are helpful for people. You have to be real, show real.

There are no space for influencers who shows off to the internet and create false contents.

Earn Money Online
Image – 1.9 : Crowd gathered on a show of a social media influencer

Skills needed to be an influencer

Some basic skills are needed to be a successful social media influencer. They are discussed in the following –

1. Writing : A basic and the most important skill is required as a social media influencer is to write the content properly which you are going to publish next in social media.

It’s not a very difficult skill. You just have to properly write the relevant topics related to your post in a creative way.

2. Presentation and communication : The presentation skill is very important for social media influencer as you have to present the content in your post in such a way that every audience can consume it very easily. No need to present that in complex way.

Also to communicate with your audience, followers, or other social media influencers makes the communication skill very essential.

3. Analyze trends and understand audience : You must have the ability to understand what your audience want. And you are responsible to provide them those contents. You can do this by analyzing the ongoing trends or by seeing other social media influencers.

4. The mechanics : You should have a great capture on the mechanics and work flow of social media platforms. It means that you must know that which content you should provide to your audience and when to provide as well as where to provide. This skill can’t be read, this can be learnt as you go forward and gain more experiences.

5. The negatives : The journey of a social media influencer is not totally smooth. You will often face negativity, obstructive reviews and negative comments.

You have to take the charge to face them but politely, patiently and privately. Keep in mind that the negativities must not hit your brand image.

Necessary Steps to Start your Carrier as a Social Media Influencer

A number of steps are essential in order to start your carrier as a social media influencer. So without wasting any time, let’s get discussed them below-

1. Choose topic : Select a category or field or niche or topic in which you have enough skills and interest.

2. Content making : Create unique, helpful, refreshing contents and post them to a particular social media platform. You can use more than one platforms.

3. Progress : Gradually build your target audience.

4. Presentation : Present your contents in different ways.

5. Up to date : Stay updated with latest news and trends.

6. Learn from feedback : Don’t forget to pay attention to critics and reply follower’s comments and DMs.

7. Stay constant : Consistency in this field is the major key to success.

8. Be larger : Build your network and a community by collaborating with other influencers.

7. Participate in Online Surveys :

Earn Money Online
Image – 1.10 : Task as online survey 

A short and quick way to income pocket money is by taking part in online surveys done by some websites. This is one of the easiest and amazing part time online work from home job to earn money online for students, housewives and everyone.

This surveys contains 10-20 multiple choice questions regarding your utilities, buying tastes and behaviors etc. It takes 2-10 minutes to complete an online survey depending upon the size of the survey.

The surveyors pay you $1-2 per survey and you can earn up to $40 per month by completing 30 surveys in a month.

The best part of this online surveys is, there are no fixed routines, you can do your task whenever you wish. Unlike other businesses, you even don’t need to invest a single cents to dot this surveys and you can do your survey from your smartphones also.

Websites like My Survey, Rakuten Insight, SwagBucks, Toluna, Panel Champ, One Poll conduct these types of surveys.

How to sign up in Rakuten Insight?

Below are the required steps given to join/register in Rakuten Insight. Follow them properly to sign up there.

1. Visit official website : Go to the official website of Rakuten Insight.

2. Sign up : Tap on sign up.

3. Sign up option : You can sign up through Email address or Google account or Facebook account.

4. Fill basic details : Fill your full name, date of birth, gender, mobile number, address and ethics origin.

5. Confirm : Confirm your details.

6. Accept : Accept the agreement and privacy policies.

7. Verify : Verify your email.

8. The dashboard : You are ready to access your dashboard.

9. Complete profile : Complete your profile by going to the ‘member profile’ section on menu.

10. Other details : Complete all basic personal information such as language, educational qualification etc.

11. Start : Now you are ready to start your online surveys.

So what is your favorite options from the above? Let me know in the comment section.


Q1: What are some popular e-commerce platforms to sell products online?

A: Generally the platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Shopify, and Etsy are some online platforms where you can sell your products online.

Q2: How much can I earn as an online seller, and how long does it take to see profits?

A: Earnings as an online seller can vary depending on the category of products you sell and your marketing efforts. In the first month, you may earn around 60k-70k INR, and with continued sales, you can earn up to 90k-1 lac INR per month.

Q3: How can I start selling photos online and earn money from my photography skills?

A: To start selling photos online, you need to join platforms like Photolia, Shutterstock, or Picxy. Create a portfolio with high-resolution images, add descriptions and keywords, set reasonable prices, and promote your work on social media.

Q4: What are the skills needed to become a successful online photographer seller?

A: As a photographer seller, you should have a basic understanding of the market, communication skills, the ability to analyze trends and audience preferences, stay up-to-date with the industry, and be creative and unique in your photography.

Q5: What is a social media influencer, and how can I become one?

A: A social media influencer is a person who creates contents for his audiences and followers. He or she must be engaged with their audiences. To become a social media influencer you need to create and post contents with consistency, stay updated about the latest trends and engage with them.

Q6: How do social media influencers earn money?

A: Social media influencers earn money through brand sponsorships and promotions. Brands approach them to promote their products or services to their followers in exchange for payment.

Q7: Can anyone become a social media influencer, or are there specific requirements?

A: To be a social media influencer, you just need to be consistent, deliver public helping contents and build a target audience.

Q8: What are some popular websites where I can participate in online surveys to earn money?

A: Some popular websites for online surveys include My Survey, Rakuten Insight, SwagBucks, Toluna, Panel Champ, and One Poll.

Q9: How much can I earn by participating in online surveys, and how frequently can I do them?

A: By completing 30 surveys in a month, you can earn up to 3000 INR. The frequency of surveys depends on the websites and the availability of surveys, but you can typically do them at your convenience.

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