Top 10 ideas to Earn Money Online in 2023 as teenager: Earn up to 90,000/month : part-2

Did you know, there are a lot of scopes for teenagers to earn money from online in 2023. But most of the teenager can’t be successful for many reasons, such as – not proper doing research, not choosing the particular niche or not having the proper skills.

Now a days teenagers want their own pocket money for various reasons like for outing with friends, saving for futures, buying any electronic components for their science experiments and many more.

So, MoneyMaveric is presenting you top 10 ideas regarding to earn money online in 2023 as a teenager.

4. The Digital Product business:

earn money online
Image – 1.6 : A digital seller planning the next sales

In present days, the value of digital products are at top. From Netflix subscriptions to online courses, from digital templates to any software, all are the examples of digital products.

The interesting fact is that, you can also create a valuable digital product and sell them online to earn a great amount of passive income.

In the era of advanced technology, the digital products have a great value till the next 10-15 years. So, selling the digital products on online will provide you the opportunities to be futureproof and passive income till the upcoming decades.

It is a brilliant source of passive income for students and teenagers also as their creativity will get expressed by this.

You can earn up to $10-1000/month depending upon the digital products you sell, your creativity, skill set and many more.

What is digital digital product?

A digital product is a type of product which can’t be accessed in physical form. The making, selling and buying of the digital products are done in digital form.

It is delivered or downloaded by electronic devices. Since the revolution of internet, the variety of digital products has increased significantly.

List of digital products

There are a lot of options of digital products available which you can choose to generate your passive income. But here we are discussing some most popular options for digital products.

So without wasting any time let’s get started-

1. Printables: Printables are one type of digital products which you can use as a wall stickers, invitation card, laptop sicker, any types of templates.

Your creativity gets expressed by the art of printables. Simply you have to upload the documents of your printables on ETSY and people will be able to buy it.

2. Fonts: Just like sans-serif, Vendana, Helvetica you can also create your own font style and that will also be considered as a digital product.

In the times of social media, various templates the font style plays a very important role. It enhances the look of your printables or any digital products.

3. E-books: Among all the digital products, the e-books are the most selling. In 2022, it reached the valuation of almost $19.95 billions. For publishing an e-book, you need to write on the book the topics you like.

After publishing the book, it will continue to earn passive income for you for years. You don’t need anything except promotion further to sell this digital product.

4. Software: Software in the market of digital products has a large large number of varieties. Now a days, we come across several software everyday. From themes to apps, from games to plugins, all fall in the category of software, and more specifically digital products.

5. Photos and videos: The arrival of lot of content creators has brought a boom in the market of online photos and videos. Almost 1.3B photos on Instagram, 2.1B on Facebook and 3.8B on Snapchat are uploaded daily.

So now, you got a clear cut idea that how much important the pictures and videos are in the digital era.

In the advance digital products market, it is one of the easiest job to sell photos and videos online. Yes! photos and videos are also part of digital products.

On Photolia, Shutterstock, Picxy, Thinkstone, Alomy, Fotomoto you can sell the photos and videos shot by you at your own prices. Your earning will be going on as long as customers buy those.

6. Online courses: There’s a line – “Learn from anywhere, anytime you can”. Currently, with the improvement in technology, the teaching, studying, learning all are improving.

If you want to teach somebody using your digital products, you can launch your own online course and sell them online publicly.

Online courses such as – Python programming, Data science, AI-ML, video editing, software development, web development and many more are on high demand. The online course is now leading the market of digital products.

earn money online
Image – 1.7 : The components of digital products

Pros and cons of selling digital products

Like a double edged sword, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the same way the digital product selling businesses have their own pros and cons.

Let’s discuss them all one by one below-


At first let’s discuss the pros of selling the digital products

1. Shipping: It does not contain any type of shipping issue.

2.The quantity: You can sell the digital products at limitless quantity.

3. Inventories: There is nothing to worry about inventories in case of digital products.

4. Charges: As there is no requirement for shipping, thus there is no issue of deliver fees.

5. Maintenance: There is no need for maintenance for digital products except small updates in it.


Here comes the disadvantages of dealing in with the digital products. Let’s get discussed below them one-by-one:-

1. Hard strategy: To sell a digital product online, you need enough digital marketing skill and customer attracting skill.

2. Time consuming: Optimizing a digital product to bring it on the market is a time consuming process. You need to arrange, design and optimize that product properly so that, is gets sold on the digital market.

3. Competition: There’s a high competition on the market of digital products. You need an analyzing and creative mind for understanding the audience and market of the digital products.

4. Biasness: Many people prefer physical products than digital products. As a result, physical products seller earn much more than the digital products seller.

earn money online
Image – 1.8 : Man using digital tablet PSD mockup smart technology for his digital products

ETSY digital products

ETSY is one of the largest platform to sell the digital products online. Almost 15.03 millions daily visitors visit ETSY with 95 millions daily active buyers.

ETSY has also A lot of options of passive income are there on ETSY. So, without wasting any time let’s discuss some tips needed to sell digital products on ETSY.

Tips needed to sell digital products on ETSY

A number of tips are there needed to be an expert seller on ETSY. ETSY, being a large online platform for selling digital products, demands a strong strategy and super-duper plan.

Now let’s get started with the tips required to sell digital products on ETSY.

1. Not random: Don’t sell random digital products on ETSY. Select a particular category and work on to that.

Choosing a specific niche and working, selling the digital products on ETSY is beneficial. Also it will increase the chance of your digital products to get sold.

2. The design: To create unique designs for digital products, you need different ideas, right? You can explore a lot of professional and trending designs on ETSY, Pinterest, Google etc. It helps you to gain ideas about the several designs of your digital products.

3. The AI: Now a days, the AI is killing it, right? So why don’t use it to improve our digital products sales?

Using AI tools you can generate a large number of digital products ideas to sell them on ETSY. The more you have product ideas, the more your sales of digital products on ETSY get increased.

4. Efficiency: To survive on ETSY, you need to work efficiently. You can create one digital product and sell it on ETSY. Now, you can change the designs of your product a little bit, so that you can create another brand new digital product.

Thus you can create another completely different digital product on the same template with little bit graphics change. It will increase the number of your products on ETSY platform and your sales also.

5. Keywords: Want more and more people to find ad buy your digital products on ETSY? Dude you need to focus on the title and description then. It matters a lot.

Most of the customers pay attention to the title and descriptions of the digital products while buying them. Thus, make sure to optimize the description and title of your digital products with relevant and proper keywords.

6. Promotion: Don’t forget to promote your digital products on social media platforms like – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. A large number of traffic will visit your digital products platform from these sources. promotion plays a essential role in increasing any types of sales.

Having a massive traffic from social media or external sources will compel ETSY to recommend your digital products to more customers, which is again profitable.

5. Be a captcha solver:

earn money online
Image – 1.9 : An typical example of captcha

An interesting but easy way to earn money online is by captcha solving. We face the captchas while using any website.

Large professional companies give the task of captcha solving to these captcha solving websites and people like us do these captcha solving task to earn money online.

Captcha is basically a human verification test. It stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Generally we get captchas like identifying images.

But there are modern captchas which need a basic math, attitude and word typing skill. In simple words, captchas filter the bots and the humans in a website.

It is a brilliant and interesting way to earn money online for teenagers as it does not required a great time to invest. You can easily earn between a range of $2-$10/month depending upon the number of captchas you solve.

Websites like 2Captcha, MegaTypers, Captcha2Cash, ProTypers and many more provide you the part time online work from home jobs for captcha solving.

So without wasting any time, let’s look into the steps to start captcha solving job. For the sake of simplicity, the process of 2Captcha is given below.

Steps to solve captcha in 2Captcha

One of the safest and legit platform for earning money by solving captcha is Let’s follow the steps properly in order to be a part of this platform.

1. Visit: Go to the official website of 2Captcha.

2. Sign up: Tap on sign up option in the menu bar and you can sign up with your Gmail account or Google account or Facebook account.

3. Working: Tap on the ‘start work’ option in the menu bar and press the option of ‘remind me later’.

4. Languages: Select the languages option and tap ‘save’ to proceed towards the training period.

5. The training: Tapping on the ‘start wok’ you will be reached to the training page where you have to fill 16 captchas accurately.

6. T&C: After the training, accept the terms and conditions to procced.

7. The real task: Now you are ready to solve captchas and you will be given the task of solving captchas. You will be given a fixed amount of money as you solve single captchas.

8. Payment: You can withdraw your cash through Bitcoin, Perfectmoney, Webmoney etc.

6. Do Internship:

earn money online
Image – 1.10 : An intern doing her task

Want to earn money in a skill building way? Then internship will be a golden opportunity for you. Online internships play a significant role in the carriers of the students.

It help to increase their communication skill, practical skills etc. As an intern you may have to communicate with your teammate, employee via video calls, emails etc. Internship develops a skill building ability in you.

It is a marvelous way to earn money online for teenagers as well as students, because you can earn up to 100 $100-$150 per month depending upon your skill, time given, location etc.

Can you do internship?

Of course! If you are a student or working professional who is looking to enhance your skill in a specific field, then you are good to start internship.

To do internship, you do not need any high level of skill but a well knowledge on the specific field. Platforms like Internshala, LetsIntern, stuMagz, twenty19 and many more provide you the facility of internship.

How to sign up in Internshala?

For doing any types of internships, Internshala is one of the largest and greatest platform online. It has a good trust rating and millions of customer base. Below the steps needed to register on Internshala are given. Check them out-

1. Visit: Go to the official website of Internshala.

2. Register: Tap on the ‘register as a student’ on the menu bar.

3. Sign up: Now sign up with your Email or you can also sign up with your Google account.

4. Basic details: Fill out the basic details like – name, phone number, address etc.

5. Education: Now enter your educational details as asked.

6. Skills and samples: Now you have to select the skills you have. Also you can submit your work samples (if any).

7. Boom: Now, you have completed your set up process and now you are on your dashboard. Here you can choose the internships according to your taste.

So what is your favorite options from the above? Let me know in the comment section.

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