Top 10 ideas to Earn Money Online in 2023 as teenager: Earn up to 90,000/month : part-1

Did you know, there are a lot of scopes for teenagers to earn money from online in 2023. But most of the teenager can’t be successful for many reasons, such as – not proper doing research, not choosing the particular niche or not having the proper skills.

Now a days teenagers want their own pocket money for various reasons like for outing with friends, saving for futures, buying any electronic components for their science experiments and many more.

So, MoneyMaveric is presenting you top 10 ideas regarding to earn money online in 2023 as a teenager.

1. Pick up the Online Tutoring:

earn money online in 2023
Image – 1.1 : A student during his online tuition

If you are a teenager as well as a student, this online job is going to be a golden opportunity for you. As a student you must be good at any specific subject.

There are no jobs which is as pure as teaching. Remember, the more you teach the more you learn.

Students across the world are looking for a tutor for their specific subjects. You can also join the platform as a teacher and teach any subjects, concepts, clear doubts and become a tutor of the international students. The subjects can be anything such as – music, math, geography, song, art, computer etc.

Platforms like GuruSiksha [best for freshers], UdemiVedantuChegg and many more provides you the online job for tutoring. As a fresher you can earn more than $200/month to $250/month depending upon your skills, knowledge, subjects and student’s location.

The experienced teachers are earning up to $1000/month to $1500/month. It is a mind blowing brilliant way earn money online in 2023 for teenagers and students as it will help them to learn more in their particular subjects.

Skills needed for Online Tutoring

Although you don’t need a great level of skills but some little and basic common steps which are needed are discussed below. Make sure to follow them properly in order to get an expertise on the online tutoring –

1. The Positivity: A teacher with positivity can recognize a confident and unconfident student easily. You should always praise and encourage your students when they do good, learn good. Always try to motivate them with their strong points.

2. Patience: Keeping the patience is the key to success for all efforts. As a tutor your task is to hold the patience and teach your students a simple to simple concept multiple times.

No matter how many times they ask you the same question. Your responsibility is to make sure that they learnt the concept accurately. The patience level of the teacher assures that the class session runs smoothly.

3. Good listener: A good teacher must be a good listener. You must need to listen the problem of your student very carefully with patience.

Maintain proper eye contact and take notes of what the student is saying. This will help you to understand that what the student is telling actually and how to help them.

4. Technology knowledge: You should have a minimum knowledge about the technology of the tools which you use for online tutoring. They have a lot of amazing features which make the tutoring more interesting, easy and efficient.

5. The time management: A tutor must have the ability of time management. Keep in mind that, neither your class session should be overtime nor should end before the certain time. For improvement in this, you can practice by yourself by setting a timer.

6. Problem solving: The skill of solving a problem is an essential skill for an online tutor. You need the ability to identify the particular concept behind the question and solve this. It will help you as well as the student to reach at a new skill level.

7. Communication: Written and verbal communication skill is a must needed skill for an online tutor as you will meet students across the world.

So, written communication skill is essential for email and chat communication. Verbal communication is important for explaining complex answers to the students.

Here given a list of more important skills needed for an online tutor, check that out – The other more important skills.

earn money online in 2023
Image – 1.2 : Student doing his online assignment

How to improve skills as an online tutor

Not only to gain skills, but also to improve them is essential. It demands attention to details, concentration, patience etc. Below some tips and tricks are shared related to enhance your online tutoring skills. Let’s get discussed.

1. Subject expertise: Make sure that you have a dab hand on the subject which you have chosen. It will give you all types of confidences which you need while teaching the students.

Don’t forget to keep regular practice of the subjects for more knowledge and clear concepts. Never stop to learn.

2. Ask for feedback: Always ask your students to rate you as an online tutor and give feedback after the end of the class. It will help you greatly to identify your deficiencies. So, you can improve them for the next classes.

How to start online tutoring at Vedantu?

In case of online tutoring, Vedantu is one of the largest and greatest platform. Till now, it has taught millions of students and provided the scope of online tutoring to lot of tutors. Let’s get discussed the important steps to sign up in Vedantu.

1. Visit: Go to the official website of Vedantu.

2. Tap: Select the option of ‘apply now’.

3. Guidelines and details: You will now reach at the page of guidelines. Make sure to go through the guidelines and fill your basic and teaching details on the form.

4. The demo video: After 1 or 2 week, Vedantu will reply you back asking for a demo teaching video of you. You have to send them a 5-10 minutes video clip of yourself where you will be teaching a particular topic or concept.

Here a tip for you, try to send them an activity based teaching video as it will highly increase the chance for your selection.

5. The Video call: In this round the instructors of Vedatu will arrange a zoom call interview. There you will be asked some general questions, topics and concepts regarding to your chapter or subject. Make sure to go through each words of your chapter.

6. Documents verification: After your successful interview your all documents will be verified and after that you are almost ready to work as an online tutor on Vedantu.

7. The training: Now the Vedantu team will conduct a 5-6 days training period for you. There they will train you for checking answer sheets, making questions, teaching a student properly etc.

8. Final step: After all the procedure, you are now good to go as an online tutor on Vedantu.

Here given a list of more sign up options of other platforms for an online tutor, check that out –The other platforms for sign up.

2. Become a Video Editor:

earn money online in 2023
Image – 1.3 : PC screen of a video editor

The demand of video editors is growing day by day rapidly. From social media influencers to YouTubers, all are in a need of a video editor now a days. As the technology, website, apps, businesses are growing, the opportunities in video editing sector is also increasing.

According to a data of 2022, almost 86 million creators had added almost $5.5 Billion to the USA GDP. This industry is just booming since the last 3 years.

As a freelancer video editor your task is to receive orders from clients and edit that in a creative way according to the client’s requirement.

An amazingly edited video attracts lot of customers, audiences and clients. More or less, you will find the art of video editors everywhere, whether it is a YouTube video or Instagram reels or TikTok video or shorts or a large film. .

There is a massive scope available for teenagers as well as students in the vast field of video editing to earn money online in 2023.

As a freelance video editor you can earn up to $10-$15/month depending upon your skills, number of orders, clients, location, etc. As you grow more, gain experience, you can charge $250-$300/video.

Software needed for video editing

There are a number of software available for video editing. You can do video editing both in mobile and PC. Let’s discuss one by one below.

For Mobile

1. VN video editor [for beginners]

2. Node video editor [for professionals]

3. Capcut [for everyone]

earn money online in 2023
Image – 1.4 : A professional video editor editing a video

For PC/Laptop

1. Canva [for low end pc]

2. Premiere Elements [for beginners]

3. Filmora [for amazing templates and effects]

4. DaVinci Resolve [free and for professionals]

5. Premiere Pro [for everybody]

How to start video editing

To start doing video editing is very interesting and a little time consuming. However, the necessary steps to get started with video editing are discussed below. Make sure to follow them properly and not to miss any one-

1. The software: Choose the video editing software according to your budget or which suits you best. It is an important step, choose it carefully as your all video editing tasks will be done here. Make sure to check the requirements of specs of the software before downloading or buying it.

2. Explore features: Explore all the features and tools available in the software. There are a ton of features available in each software.

So, explore and try out them one by one on your own. If possible, note the names of the tools along with their features in your copy.

It may take you about 2-2.5 months to learn all the features. Remember, no matter how much time you take to learn, you must ensure that you are learning it properly.

3. A course or tutorial: It will be a good idea to enroll yourself in a video editing course, otherwise you can learn it from YouTube also.

There are several tutorials and free, paid courses available on online platforms. You can them on Google and YouTube. Below is a YouTube tutorial of DaVinci Resolve and Premiere Pro given.

4. The basics: Basic concepts are essential in every field. For the video editing industry, the basics are trimming, cut, effect transitions, layouts etc. A dab hand on the basics will help you a lot to be smooth in the advanced in future.

5. Practice, practice and practice: Always keep practicing all the features of the tools of the software. Practicing regularly will help you to improve your skills at every stage.

6. Advance concepts: After the basic concepts, now it’s time for the advance works. Sound mix, audio ducking, dialogue processing, color grading, green screen concepts and many more fall on this category.

These features take your video to a high professional level. Don’t ever try to learn them before clearing your basics.

7. Apply popular and important effects: The professional effects on a edited video make it more professional and interesting. You can search online to learn how to apply those effects on your video such as – how to slow down a clip, how to zoom out or in a video clip, how to fade in and fade out a video clip, VHS, color grading and many more. Spend time as much as possible to learn these.

8. Sample: After trying out all the features, now it’s try to edit a complete sample video. Note, don’t edit any random video. Assume a story and collect raw videos from Pexels and Pixabey, also you can shoot videos on your own and edit that video according to the story.

It will help you to get a good expertise on each tool as well as you can add them into your portfolio.

9. Create portfolio: For reaching out clients, you will need a strong portfolio. You can create your portfolio on Viemo platform otherwise you can also create your own website for showing your skills and your sample edited videos.

The more your edited video is creative and professional, the more strong your portfolio is, so increases your chance to get hired by a client.

tip for newbie video editors, if you are looking for a specific type of YouTuber or client, then you should edit some special types of videos for them. 

For example – if you are looking for a comedian YouTuber, then you should edit some sample comedy videos for him specially. It will attract him towards you.

10. Promote: For beginners it may be a little bit difficult to get the first client on Fiverr, Upwork, etc. Rather than you can use social media platforms such as reddit, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube for promoting yourself as a video editor.

Also you can prefer LinkedIn to get your first client. Don’t forget to attach your portfolio there.

3. Sell your study notes online:

earn money online in 2023
Image – 1.5 : A student uploading his notes to online platforms

In the era of digital times, if you earn an amount of money from a constant source then you are now at the right place. Here you will get A-Z details and proper guidance on selling notes online.

From now, don’t sell your notes to anyone or don’t give it to juniors. Rather than selling the notes on the platforms like – Stuvia, StudyPoolDocmeritScribber will offer you a consistent source of passive income. Here you will get your money as soon as your notes get downloaded or sold by any user. So, not to worry about the passive income for a long long time.

It is a wonderful source to earn money online in 2023 for teenagers as well as students. Here you don’t need to put a great amount of effort and time for a long period.

Here you can earn up to $5000/month depending upon your notes size, subjects and its rarity.

These platforms give you the facilities to upload notes of any subjects and any languages. Thus you can help the students across the world by sending your notes to them.

Not just only notes but also you can upload assignment papers, question papers, their solutions, DPPs [daily practice problems] and many more.

How does this process work?

Not a lengthy process, but some simple steps are required to get started with selling notes online. Below are the points given-

1. You need to register on a particular platform.

2. Then you have to upload the images of the notes in PDF or any format.

3. Now the instructors of the platforms review it.

4. After verification, the notes go live and available to download for everyone.

5. Now you start to receive cash whenever somebody buy or download it.

How to sign up in Studypool?

Want a clean looking and user-friendly platform to sell your notes online for earning money? Studypool is a great option for you. Explore all its important steps to get started-

1. Visit: Go to the official website of Studypool.

2. Tap: Tap on the option ‘Sign up’ on the menu bar.

3. Sign up: Sign up with your Gmail account. Otherwise you can sign up also with Facebook or Google or LinkedIn account.

4. T&C: Check the terms and conditions carefully and go on.

5. Profile picture: Now upload a profile picture showing your face properly along with your username and school name.

6. Final step: After all the instruction from them, BOOM! you are now good to go to be a note seller on Studypool.

So what is your favorite options from the above? Let me know in the comment section.


How can I start online tutoring in 2023 as a teenager?

To start online tutoring as a teenager in 2023, you can sign up on platforms like Vedantu, GuruSiksha, Udemi, Chegg, or Vedantu. Create a profile, showcase your expertise in a specific subject, and offer tutoring services to international students.

What skills do I need to become a successful online tutor?

Successful online tutors should possess skills like positivity, patience, good listening abilities, technology knowledge, time management, problem-solving, and strong written and verbal communication skills.

Which platforms offer online tutoring jobs for teenagers?

Platforms like GuruSiksha, Udemi, Vedantu, and Chegg provide opportunities for teenagers to work as online tutors.

How much can I earn as an online tutor in 2023?

As a fresher online tutor, you can earn around $200 to $250 per month, while experienced teachers can earn up to $1000 to $1500 per month depending on their skills, subjects, and student base.

What software do I need to become a video editor as a teenager?

For video editing on a PC, you can use software like Canva, Premiere Elements, Filmora, DaVinci Resolve, or Premiere Pro. For mobile video editing, VN video editor, Node video editor, and Capcut are good options.

Can I do video editing on both mobile and PC?

Yes, you can perform video editing on both mobile devices and PCs, depending on the software you choose.

Are there any free video editing software options for beginners?

Yes, DaVinci Resolve is a popular free video editing software suitable for beginners.

How can I improve my video editing skills?

To improve your video editing skills, take online courses, watch tutorials on platforms like YouTube, practice regularly, and explore different features and tools in your chosen video editing software.

How much can I earn as a freelance video editor in 2023?

As a freelance video editor, you can earn around $10 to $15 per video initially. With experience and a strong portfolio, you can charge up to $250 to $300 per video.

Where can I find clients for my video editing services?

You can find clients for your video editing services on freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or Social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can also be used for promotion.

How can I sell my study notes online as a teenager?

You can sell your study notes online by registering on platforms like Stuvia, StudyPool, Docmerit, or Scribber. Create an account, upload your study notes in PDF or other formats, and start earning whenever someone buys or downloads your notes.

Which platforms allow me to sell study notes and materials?

Stuvia, StudyPool, Docmerit, and Scribber are some of the platforms that allow you to sell study notes and materials online.

What types of study materials can I sell online?

You can sell study notes, assignment papers, question papers, solutions, and other educational materials related to various subjects and languages.

How does the process of selling study notes online work?

The process involves registering on the platform, uploading your study notes, having them verified, and then making them available for download. You earn money whenever someone buys or downloads your study materials.

How much can I earn by selling study notes online in 2023?

As a teenager selling study notes online, you can potentially earn up to $5000 per month depending on the demand for your notes, subject specialization, and rarity of your materials.


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